HGS penalty on the tractor

HGS penalty for the tractor: The driver of the tractor living in Karaman, who was fined 286 lira for violating the High Speed ​​Passage System (HGS) on the Ankara-Istanbul Highway, is astonished by the incident.
Kadir Öztürk, a farmer living in Akçaşehir town of the center, received a document from the General Directorate of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, General Directorate of Highways, 4th Regional Directorate, HGS Main Control Center Chief Engineering. In the document, it was stated that on May 31st last year, an administrative fine was imposed on the Ankara-Istanbul Highway Körfez Station for violating the HGS system. Being astonished by the incident, Öztürk called the authorities and asked for the mistake made to be corrected.
Ozturk, alleged violations of the HGS system 70 841 1976 26 plate vehicle belongs to his model 260, he said. In the document, 286 lira HGS tolls, XNUMX pounds, including the administrative fine to pay the XNUMX lira that says that Öztürk, said:
“I called Ankara HGS Headquarters. They were also surprised. They said that nowhere in the world a tractor could enter the highway. They said, 'There was a mistake, we will correct it. Now I am waiting for the result. "

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