Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality does not slow down on asphalt

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality does not cut speed on the asphalt: Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality does not slow down on asphalt. As long as the weather conditions go well, the asphalt works continued uninterruptedly and the Metropolitan Municipality has approached the target of 2014 thousand tons of asphalt for the year 130. The Metropolitan Municipality, which produces asphalt in the construction site of the Center and Of, announces 123 thousand tons of asphalt this year. If the weather conditions go well until the end of 2014, Metropolitan Municipality is expected to realize the target of 130 thousand tons asphalt. Finally, the Metropolitan Municipality of Fatih District Zübeyde Hanim Street continues its asphalt works also made 2014 bin m15 concrete road in 3.
Districts and neighborhoods continue to work with equal service understanding of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, asphalt 2014 reached the target for the year they said they reached almost. Stating that they continue asphalting work in accordance with the urgency of the President of Customs, according to the 5 year until the end of their service in Trabzon, said they aimed to leave space.



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