Tourism routes are expected to solve road problems

📩 24/12/2018 16:57

Tourism routes are expected to solve road problems: Tourism Platform Members, Highways 9. Regional Director Şamil conveyed the road problems identified on the tourism routes to Gülen.
The Tourism Platform, which was established with the participation of ŞUTSO Assembly members, representatives of public institutions and organizations, agencies and hotel operators, and press members, continues its activities in order to identify problems in the field of tourism, to offer solutions and to raise awareness about tourism in Şanlıurfa. Within the scope of the studies carried out, the members of the Tourism Platform conveyed in writing to Şamil Gülen, 9th Regional Director of Highways, the road problems identified on tourism routes, and requested their support in solving them.
Making an assessment on the subject, Tourism Platform President C. Asuman Yazmacı said, “As the Tourism Platform, we have prepared a detailed 169-page report by conducting an intensive field study to prepare the problems of the sector and our solution proposals. Our road problems determined according to this report and that prevent the development of tourism in our province are as follows; Lack of intersection at the return point to Harran on Şanlıurfa - Akçakale highway, from Harran District; On the way to Han-el Ba'rur, Şuayb City, Soğmatar, the absence of a direction sign at the 10th kilometer fork road junction, the existing direction sign at the junction returning to Göbeklitepe on the Mardin road, not meeting the standards, the alternative way to go to Göbeklitepe the opening of a connection road to the motorway located in Göbeklitepe, the narrow road route from Birecik to Halfeti and the lack of signposts, the first intersection returning from Birecik to Halfeti to meet the standards. It was observed that there were no road barriers on the way to Old Halfeti, the lack of construction work on Halfeti-Bozova-Yaylak Highway. We conveyed these problems, which we identified in the report we prepared, to the 9th Regional Director of Highways, Mr. Şamil Gülen in writing, and requested their support in solving the problems. We hope that a solution will be found for these problems until the tourism season in order to eliminate the problems that may occur in the tourism sector, which is one of the important sectors of our city.
Highways 9. In his statement, Regional Director Şamil Gülen stated that they are in the effort of providing the best service to other provinces which are affiliated to Şanlıurfa and the Regional Directorate and that necessary studies will be done to solve these problems. Şamil Gülen also added that he hopes that this process will be carried out quickly and that the 3 bridge junction and the new ring road in our province are ready for the bidding process.

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