Torbalı Transportation Arrived

Torbalı Transportation was Held: This week's guests of Torbalı Chamber of Commerce (TTO) meetings with sector representatives were transporters and gas station owners. İzmir Chauffeur and Automobile Chamber President Celil Anik, Torbalı said that transportation will be re-shaped. Anık noted that the transportation sector will be designed with the commencement of the İZBAN flights, and underlined that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is working to implement the City Card application in the minibuses and minibuses in the districts where İZBAN passes. The Torbalı Chamber of Commerce has also raised the issue of the effects of İZBAN to the tradesmen. In the meeting, TTO President Olgun renewed the warning that ür If our tradesmen do not renew themselves, it will be damaged by İZBAN Toplantı.


In the meeting organized by TTO at the Metropolis Hotel, Izmir Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles Chamber President Celil Anık, President of Petroleum Products Employers' Association (PUİS) Muhsin Alkan, Torbalı Drivers and Automobile Chamber President Mercury İsmail Akman attended the meeting. problems were laid on the table. Speaking at the meeting, which began with the speech of Parliament Speaker Erkan Aksoy, TTO President Abdulvahap warned mature tradesmen. Mr. Olgun emphasized that both transporters and fuel stations should work with giant companies in Torbalı and said se If we do this then we will be successful. But everybody pulls each other out of it. We can't get anywhere like this. Let's all be one. If you are not working with factories as companies, cooperatives or unions, I'll help you. If you're one, I'll fall in front of you, Bir he said.


Olgun i We undertake to serve as an arbitrator for tradesmen and businesses in the same sector. We have made an example for each sector. We can't get anywhere by consuming each other. This pie is enough for everyone and everyone in the county. However, if this negative situation continues in the transportation sector, company owners will face bigger problems in the years to come daha.

Noting that the next days will be very interesting for Torbalı Izmir Drivers and Automobile Chamber President Celil Anik kayd IZBAN is coming, very soon expeditions will start. The transportation of the district will be re-designed. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in the study of transportation cooperatives in the regions reached by İZBAN. Soon, such as Torbalı, Selcuk, Menderes, such as minibuses and minibuses in the districts of İZBAN passed through the City Card. The infrastructure is currently being prepared, or he said.


Pisss President Muhsin Alkan, the representative of the fuel sector, said the fuel stations were in great trouble. Expressing that the transportation and fuel sector is like quotes with meat, Alkan said, “If transporters are hurting, we are having a hard time as fuel sector. The name fugitive fuel was competitive. Our legal profit is 5,5. However, when we deduct the expenses, this rate is down to 3. Unfortunately, there is no union in our sector. A station can only cost its workers. In this way, trying to survive. Not a price union, but a reasonable price can be implemented. In order to win our reputation in the past, we should not enter into price reductions or illegal ways fiyat.



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