Technological Transformation of TCDD and TAI was Explained

tcdd auction result
tcdd auction result

Technological Transformation of TCDD and TAI Explained: Enterprise application and software company SAP hosted public sector information technology managers. Technological transformation of TAI and TCDD was explained.

SAP Strategic Industries Sales Director Bülent Karal gave information about decision support systems for the public sector at the Rixos Hotel with the participation of more than 200 people. Underlining the strategy of simplifying access to business processes in order to increase efficiency in the public sector, the SAP manager announced the successful projects implemented in the public at the summit.

The focus of the event was on SAP's decision support systems and business intelligence solutions, simplifying business processes and facilitating the work of institutions and enabling them to work better. Reporting to the public, Crystal Reports and the SAP BusinessObjects product family were the first to come to mind.
In the ongoing summit with different presentations on 'Easy Data Mining', 'Corporate Business Intelligence' and 'Public Business Analytics', the latest SAP technologies were introduced, offering ease of use, advanced functions and high security.

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