TCDD Confirms Today, made a press release

TCDD made a press release to the news "TCDD Confirmed Today": It was deemed necessary to make the following statement about the news titled "TCDD Confirmed Today".
The necessary press releases were made on 06-07 December. However, it has been seen that the subject is not fully understood and some issues need to be clarified again.
1 - There is no information available on our site to replace High Speed ​​Train Line shears.
The certification of 2-Gebze-Köseköy railway has been made as a conventional line and the High Speed ​​Trains, passenger and freight trains work together.
3-Rail traffic in all countries of the world is carried out using all communication facilities. In our country, in accordance with our railway traffic legislation, our modern signalization systems are carried out in a safe way by using TMİ (Traffic Center from Telephone to Center), as a supporter by using GSM-R phones, wireless and telephone network.
4-All personnel employed in train traffic and maintenance services are using radio.
5-The reports claiming the wrong use of the radio in train traffic are unfounded and purposeful.
6 - Since its inception, 17 Million 606 thousand people have been able to travel safely and comfortably with high speed trains.

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