TCDD 88. Education Board was held in Ankara

TCDD 88. The Education Board was held in Ankara: 88. TCDD General Manager Süleyman KARAMAN was held in Ankara with the participation of Assistant General Managers, Heads of Departments and Regional Managers.
In his opening speech, General Director of TCDD Süleyman KARAMAN said: D We are opening this training board with the pride of opening the Ankara-İstanbul section which is the most important part of the core YHT line of our country. We have linked the two most important cities of our country with the two capitals of YHT. Iz
Karaman; He said that one of the most important elements in the railway profession is education, especially in achieving our 2023 targets, and that the most important guide in operating the railway network we create after the 2023 is training, so it emphasizes the importance of education at every opportunity.
A new and more innovative TCDD profile integrated into the world every year
Karaman:. With the services we have carried out so far, we follow the knowledge of the advanced railways of the world, follow the technology, and create a new, more innovative, TCDD profile integrated with the world every year with the perception of changing railway in the society. Kar
Or We form the civil railway labor force that will meet the human resources needs of the railroads developing with the Ministry of National Education. As in the first years of the Republic, we are sending students abroad to meet the qualified manpower that our industry will need in the coming 20 year. Since 2009, we have been providing scholarships to our talented and talented young people and we are sending them to Western Europe and Far East countries for specialization in the field of railway. Eki
TCDD is one of the institutions providing the most internal training
Karaman bir We are one of the institutions providing the most internal training. We provide continuous training to our staff of all ages, from all ages. For the first time, we brought trainers from abroad and we provided maintenance and repair training for our employees. Bakım
. The construction of the West Gar complex in Etimesgut continues rapidly. When the West Gar Project is completed, works are being carried out to ensure that the YHT Training Center, which is located within the project, is launched. We work hard to make advanced railway technology training base in Turkey. "He said and thanked everyone who contributed.
88.In the Education Board; In the first day of the training program in the field of road, traction, traffic and facilities branch, the training of the trainers on the first day of the training program is given. decisions were made.



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