12 Thousand Tons Asphalt Poured in New Neighborhoods in Tarsus

📩 24/12/2018 16:55

12 Thousand Tons of Asphalt Poured to New Neighborhoods in Tarsus: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department teams covered the roads of the new neighborhoods of Tarsus with 12 thousand tons of asphalt.
According to a written statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the new metropolitan law was transformed into the neighborhood of Tarsus, which was transformed from the village into a neighborhood status. In June, the Directorate of Science Affairs teams, Kirlik, Yellow Ibrahim, Karadiken, Stone, Yesiltepe and Kulak Neighborhoods and Eshab-ı Kehf road with a total of 12 thousand 129,380 tons / kg asphalt poured. In July, the teams poured a total of one thousand 3 tonnes / kg asphalt into the Kulak, Dedeler, Köseler and Çapar Neighborhoods. In October, 204,680, 200,420 to Sahintepesi, asphalt patching work done on various streets and streets of Tarsus. In the scope of the studies, 3 thousand 568,300 ton / kg asphalt poured.
Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, taking into consideration the demands from the public, stated that they continue their asphalting works according to the urgency situation in all districts, towns and neighborhoods connected with the Metropolitan by the new law. . There are streets and streets to be paved in many parts of our city. We receive a lot of demand from our people on this issue but it is not possible to catch up anywhere. Because our service area has expanded. We wish our people a little more patience in this matter. In Mersin, there will be no street, no street, no road. We are working hard to create a city where Mersin will develop and everyone will be happy to live in Mersin. Mersin

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