Leaky water Kadıköy Bucket precaution for Kartal Metro

Leaky water Kadıköy Bucket precaution for Kartal Metro: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's commission of 2,6 billion TL Kadıköy- In Kartal Metro, precautions are taken with buckets placed in stations for water leaks.

On the metro line, which serves approximately 1,5 million passengers per day, buckets were placed in some stations due to water leaks. When it was opened in 2012, there are 22 passenger stations on the 16-kilometer line in the press as the 'fastest excavated tunnel in the world'. KadıköyCitizens who use the Eagle Metro cannot hide their surprise in front of the landscape they encounter. Süleyman Tarık Balyalı, a member of the Metropolitan Municipality Council, asked CHP to reply, “What is the source of water leaks in Kartal stop? How long has the leaks been ongoing and why cannot be resolved? Have any technical reports been prepared especially for water leaks inside the walls and ceiling? What actions are taken for the solution of water leaks? Are the leaks any danger for the metro line and the station? ” he asked.

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