On the subway spiderman in the camera (Photo Gallery)

📩 01/12/2018 16:28

Spiderman in the subway station: The thieves who staged tickets to the ticket stations in Istanbul, carried out a robbery about 40 thousand pounds. Security cameras reflected the images, one of the suspect's interesting outfit draws attention to the same person previously learned that the police in Georgia.

The goal of the thieves, who kept the subways in Istanbul, was ticketmatiks, where thousands of people loaded their cards on a daily basis. Allegedly, 4 suspect at night, came in front of the subway. One of the suspects, a robber wearing a similar outfit to the Spider-Man, lifted the subway shutter with the help of a jack and crawled inside. Without losing time, the thief headed for ticketing, and opened a ticket with the help of a special apparatus. The thief who stole the money in Biletmati, came out from where he entered and quickly walked away. He understands the security cameras were reflected in seconds.

The security guards who came to the subway the next morning realized that after opening the shutter, when he saw the cover of the ticket shop opened, he was robbery. The officers then reported the situation to the police teams. Police teams who came to the subway upon notice made a fingerprint examination on the ticket and examined the security cameras of the subway. Viewing security camera images Kadıköy District Police Department Public Security Bureau teams determined that the suspects were Hayrettin Aydın and Georgian Resul Babayev, who previously had 35 records for extortion and theft. The suspects identified were captured and detained as a result of the work of the police teams.

Suspects in the spiderman suit Rasul Babayev, previously learned that the police in Georgia. 2 suspect, seized crowbar, jack, key, drugs, bag, fake money and fake police badge, was arrested and sent to prison.

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