Snowed ski resorts revived

The snow-capped ski resorts revived: The snow-covered snow covered the skiers' face. Palandöken, Uludağ, Erciyes, Kartalkaya and Sarıkamış facilities are ready for the season.

The most beautiful side in winter is undoubtedly snow. When it rains, it creates a fairy-tale atmosphere. Of course, skiers are the most happy. Uludag, Turkey is undoubtedly the most popular winter sports center. The appropriate time for skiing is until 20 March. It takes about three meters of snow in normal winter conditions. Currently snow thickness is 50 inches. There are more than one thousand bed capacity in Uludag. Due to its close proximity to Istanbul and lots of hotels, it is ideal for long holidays as well as weekend holidays. There are eight chairlifts in the area of ​​the hotel and seven mechanical systems in the 3 mechanical system. Here, you can ski, sled and snow motor can ride and enjoy the snow. There are plenty of activities to do in Uludağ except for skiing. After spending all day on the track, you can unwind your muscles and relax yourself in the spa of one of the hotels. Take a dip in the fireplace and enjoy the sauna and sauna. You can prefer cafes and terraces in the first area for dining. The hotels restaurants are also quite pretentious. The sausage-bread is famous here. Night is going on in entertainment clubs.

Kartalkaya, which is a ski resort located on the Köroğlu Mountains within the borders of Bolu, is very popular especially among snowboarders thanks to the season and off-run facilities that can last until April. Ski area 1850 - 2200 at a height of meters. The best conditions for winter sports 20 continues until March. There are three meters of snow in normal winter conditions. Currently snow thickness is 50 inches. There is powder snow at the beginning of the season and wet snow at the end of the season. The center also has a total of 11 mechanical systems, including two chairlifts, six teleskies and three baby lifts. Ski, sled and snowboard rental services are also provided at Kartalkaya. 2 is one thousand meters high, ideal for rest and leisure. You can go to Kartalkaya, which is famous for its charming food, delicious food and entertainment that comes from the masters of Bolulu, from Istanbul and Ankara to your car and arrive in hours. Here you can also enjoy the scenic view of the pine trees. The summit at about 2200 is rocky and covered with alpine meadows. Erciyes, connected to Kayseri, is the highest mountain in Central Anatolia with its peak reaching 3916 meters. It also has the most secure Turkey's ski slopes. The total length of the tracks in Erciyes where the snow is not missing in winter is 12 km. This is also ideal for snowboarders. Erciyes is famous for its soft snow. Erciyes Ski Center, housed within Turkey's largest resort. The slopes of the runways in these facilities, which are established between 1800 and 3 thousand meters, range from 10 to 30. 15 November-1 The ski season is open between May and Erciyes, the best time is February and March.

Only one 18 km from Erzurum Airport is reached by a single plane connection to the Palandöken Mountains, Istanbul and Ankara. The ski resort where the snow is not missing for six months; snow quality, quantity and long runways that extend for miles. The Palandoken ski resort is at the height of 3 meters 167 meters above sea level. It takes two to three meters of snow in normal winter conditions. Skiing is made on powder snow during the season. Season 10 continues until May. The 4 and 5 star accommodations, the ski house, have daily facilities and restaurants. The longest track in the center is the 12 kilometer. In the center there are five chair lifts, a teleski, two baby lifts and a gondola lift. At the same time around 5 thousand people have the opportunity to ski. As the lighting is done in Palandöken, skiing can be done at night. Sarıkamış is a very important ski resort in terms of snow quality. The five-stage runway with a total of 12 kilometers has a magnificent natural beauty with its 2500 altitude Cıbıltepe. Snow type of Cıbıltepe is found only in the Alps and called crystal snow. The ski area 2100 -2634 is located at an altitude of 30 meters in the pine forests. Snowy areas with snow thickness in normal winter conditions around 1.5 meters are very suitable for skiing. Sarikamis and its surroundings have suitable conditions for Alpine and Northern disciplines and skiing activities. There are many accommodations in the center, including two state guest houses. There are also two chair lifts, the 1 teleski facility.