Snowfall Made The Faces Of The Operators In Ilgaz Mountain Laugh

Snowfall Made The Faces Of The Operators On Ilgaz Mountain Laugh: As the effect of the rain increased from the morning hours, the snow thickness reached 20 centimeters. Ski center operators who have not yet opened the season expect the snow thickness to reach a sufficient level.
Hakan Sevencan, the general manager of the hotel in Ilgaz Mountain National Park, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Ilgaz is one of the most beautiful mountains in Anatolia and that the ski slopes are at an altitude of 2 thousand meters.

Expressing that they were hoping with the snowfall, Sevencan said, “The information we received from meteorology is positive. We hope the season will be good and full. Turkey has a mountain to ski the best quality of existing crystalline snow. "It is a facility that is active in summer and winter and has various beauties in all seasons."
Stating that they will achieve a better momentum with new investments, Sevencan said, “We will reach a very good level of accommodation and service. New ski slopes on our Ilgaz, Turkey will be one of the best ski resorts, "he said.

Sevencan, in the case of artificial snow system skiing season 1-2 months may be extended further, he added.