Skiing in Cıbıltepe Ski Center

Enjoying skiing in Cıbıltepe Ski Center: Citizens enjoyed the skiing in Cıbıltepe Ski Center in Sarıkamış district of Kars, where the snow thickness reached 40 centimeters.

Located between the major ski resorts of Turkey and snow depth reached 40 centimeters in intensity last week unfolds Cibiltepe.

The snow thickness reached 2 centimeters in the 634nd stage tracks at the Cıbıltepe Ski Center at 2 thousand 40 altitudes, after snowfall which was effective at intervals in Sarıkamış district of Kars.

Cıbıltepe, which is one of the favorite ski centers of local and foreign tourists with its long ski slopes, is experiencing a busy weekend. citizens from different provinces of Turkey, skiing, snowboarding made, sled registration.

The 25 slalom, with a total length of 8 and a 200 seat with a snowboard circuit of one thousand 4 per hour, the ski resort serving the XNUMX ski lift, tourists, slid in the forests of scots pine, tried to spend a good time.

Snow-Sar-Tur General Manager Sacit Özbey, who is in charge of the tracks and mechanical facilities, told AA correspondent that the slopes with snow are the ideal condition for skiing.

Emphasizing that there are citizens from different provinces and districts due to the weekend, Özbey said, “It snowed, we all laughed. The occupancy rate in our facilities has increased. All our tracks have come to the position to ski with pleasure. We are very pleased with this. ”

Ski instructor Muhittin Delibaş stated that skiing with natural snow is more enjoyable in Cıbıltepe.