Skiers in Palandok opened the season with fire dance

Palandökende skiers opened the season with a dance of fire: the winter season in Palandöken opened with the fire dance of the torch skiers. The torch skiing show in the Palandöken Ski Center was a scene of colorful images. With the opening of the skiing season, ski lovers flocked to the ski resort in Palandöken Ski Center. Ski fans watching the show held at the Xanadu Hotel, danced around the fire and enjoyed their hearts.

Xanadu Snow White Hotel General Manager Murat Altug Kargı, stated that they have opened the ski season as of today, today they are doing a special torch ski show for their guests.

Kargı stated that the occupancy rate in the hotel has increased much before Christmas and that they offer skiing pleasure to their customers with night skiing.

At Xanadu Snow White Hotel, the runways and lifts are ready for skiing, while the number of lighting for night skiing is increased. Xanadu Snow White Hotel General Manager Altuğ Kargı said that all preparations for the new season were completed. We will offer all our guests an unforgettable holiday this season Bu.


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