The signaling system was installed at the junction of death

A signaling system was installed at the crossroads of death: The arrangement made at the crossroads of the Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), which has caused fatal accidents for years in Kahramanmaraş, pleased everyone. The drivers thanked those who contributed.
Although thousands of people have to use it every day in Kahramanmaraş, the Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) intersection, where many fatal and wounded accidents have occurred for years, has not been regulated for years, and the signalization system was installed. OSB President Abdullah Çinkay said, “There is almost no ink left in our pen due to correspondence for years. SABAH On the news of Güney, an intersection arrangement was made in a short time and a signaling system was installed. MORNING I thank the Güney family ”.
The absence of intersections or signaling on the OIZ road, where approximately 12 thousand people have to pass every day in Kahramanmaraş, was almost an invitation to death for years. There was no intersection, signaling system and overpass for pedestrians at the point used for the entrance and exit to the organized industrial zone in the Kavlaklı District of the Merkez 12 February district. Especially in the morning and evening hours, the great turmoil in the traffic had almost annoyed those who had to use that road. SABAH Güney brought the problem at the intersection to the agenda and invited the officials to the task.
The fear of death was eliminated with the safe road passage at the intersection on the Kahramanmaraş-Kayseri highway. OIZ President Abdullah Çinkay pointed out that no work has been carried out for years on the road, which is now called the "Crossroads of Death" by the people of Kahramanmaraş, and said, “We did not knock on the door, we did not apply for the arrangement of this road. We even got up and went to Ankara, we showed the disasters as an example, if you do not, give the project, let us do it, as long as we said that the blood flowing on this road should stop, but nobody had even moved until today. The subject was covered in the media and the studies started. Here we have reached the happy ending. "It can be done if desired."
Hacı Hüseyin Dinçer, Chairman of the Board of Hascevher who was the first industrialist of the OSB, said, “There was a land-order traffic at the entrance and exit of a region, which is the production base of the city and where thousands of workers were employed in nearly 50 factories. I think Turkey has no place in such a bizarre situation to another. For years, our hearts were coming to our mouth at the exit of our service vehicles. But as a person under the management of the OIZ, I was sure that we did not have the guilt and sin of those who died or were injured at this crossroads. Because we did our best. Fortunately, this problem was resolved, albeit late. MORNING voicing our clamor of moving the matter to the agenda of Turkey would like to thank the South, "he said.



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