Reaction to import of rail systems from industrialists

Reaction to the import of rail systems from the industrialist: OSTİM OSB President Aydın, who informed that they will establish a single plant under a virtual roof, criticized municipalities that do not comply with 51 locality conditions in rail system auctions
Ankara OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone (OSTİM OIZ) President Orhan Aydın criticized municipalities that import rail systems, despite the 51 percent localization requirement in the legislation, saying, “With specification traps, local companies are making the business cannot get the job. "We want equality, not privileges."
With journalists sohbet Aydın, who came together at the meeting, gave information about the projects of OSTİM OIZ.
"We will establish a single factory under the virtual roof"
Stating that they were dreaming of the "Virtual Factory", Aydın said that they were thinking of removing the walls of all businesses in OSTİM thanks to the project. Stating that they will establish a single factory under a virtual roof, Aydın said, “We turn all the tools, benches, people, materials and talents of this factory into software. This is our factory. With this factory, we become open to outside orders. Whoever wants, tells us his request. We are working on how to do it within ourselves. "Which tool, what machine produces what, how does it produce, the most affordable price, the cheapest price… We find them, give the price to the other party, do the job, deliver the product from wherever in the world," he said.
Regarding the establishment of related software, Aydin said they were planning to start the trial by the end of the year.
Rail systems used in the production of Touching on the subject of domestic products Aydin, rail system in the OSB said that the establishment of Turkey as originating from the need to cluster.
Turkey's rail system are imported pointed out by telling the story of the cluster organization Aydin, he said they had installed 100 OSTİM the part of Ankara subway.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's criticism of 'domestic product'
Noting that they have done the repair, maintenance and repair of a wagon, Aydın said, “The job went from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. We entered a dialogue with the ministry. They said, "We will buy this as soon as possible and put the Ankara subway into service." We said 'Local solutions can be produced for this'. Lots of excuses, bureaucracies… We had the 51 percent contribution rate put into the specifications without giving up the struggle for this ”.
Noting that nobody should put a localization rate below 51 percent in the tender specifications, including high speed train and Istanbul metro projects in the current situation, Aydın criticized the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for not complying with the local product ratio rule in the "17 Train Sets and Spares Purchase Tender". "These While in Turkey the opportunity to take it abroad ignorance, not ignorance. This is a bad thing, ”Aydın said, demanding that local companies be protected.
Underlining that local companies do not compete in tenders under equal conditions, Aydın said, “With specification traps, local companies are making the business unable to get the job. "We want equality, not privileges."
"We must not spoil the motivation of the producers"
Answering the questions of journalists, Aydin, important contributions to domestic contribution, he said.
Defending that public institutions do not have a mental structure such as “let me buy the products in my own country”, Aydın said, “People can turn to the side that is the easiest, the cheapest, the most pleasing. He may not have to take care of the common interest of the country too much. Everyone is right, but our money is going out ”he said.
Referring to the problems regarding the financing Aydin, noted that it is difficult to produce in Turkey.
Drawing attention to the fact that people withdraw from production, Aydın said, “We should not disturb the motivation of those who produce. "We do not reward our industrialists as much as we reward construction contractors."
"Why doesn't Babayiğit leave OSTİM?"
OSTİM Technology Inc. Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Sadat Çelikdog that the "cause babayiðit about domestic automobile production will not come from OSTIM" in the form of a question, suggested that Turkey remains the market in automobile industry.
Emphasizing that the design and brand must be local in order to be able to talk about a local automobile, Çelikdoğan said, “The way to close the foreign trade deficit is to create a world brand. The state must be with you in order to create a world brand, ”he said.
"Electric vehicle production is not promising"
Noting that there is a lot of hope attached to the production of electric vehicles, Çelikdoğan stated that in order for the electric car to be a remedy for the automotive industry, battery systems must be developed. Stating that electricity storage is one of the most researched topics in the world, Çelikdoğan said, “The developments here do not seem very promising”.

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