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We stayed in the road safety class: The Health Institute Association announced the Road Safety 2014 Carrier on Road Traffic. Tanzer Gezer, Director of the Road Safety Program of the Association, reported that the total 2014 accident, as of the end of November 343.855, was the% 45 of fatal and injured accidents.
Considering that this rate is% 43 last year, Gezer stated that there is a need for reviewing our policies related to road safety and accordingly improvement of legal regulations. X In terms of legal regulation; We are still at risk of traffic because of the high speed limits and the possibility to increase the speed limits by the local authorities and exceptions in the measures that regulate the maximum protection at the time of the collision. gerek
We're dying in the ambulances!
In Turkey, 377 6.192 ambulance and bus involvement in fatal and injury traffic accident data, indicating that pointed to the magnitude of the risk of Gezer continued as follows:
Lar In ambulances, the health workers responsible for caring for the sick or injured and the rear seat passengers of the buses are exempt from the protection of the seat belts. It is another fact that more than% 25 of vehicles involved in fatal and injured accidents are pre-1995 vehicles and that the rear seat passengers are still exempt from the safety belt protection. In the first 2014 of 11; The total number of accidents with fatalities and injuries was 154.919 and the number of fatalities and injuries was 265.446 kaza.
2014 accident at 3.253, 262.193, the number of wounded saying that the 30 Gezer; Tur In the 2020 days following the accident, the wounded are obliged to be followed up and reported by the Ministry of Health. However, any situation regarding the fate of the wounded, such as death, permanent disability, trauma, has not been explained yet. Data were collected in traffic until the year 50 deaths and injuries are not favorable in terms of Turkey has set a target of reducing the rate of XNUMX%, "he said.
Gezer pointed out that the fines we paid in November 2014 due to rule violations in traffic were declared as 2.336.339.090 TL. Imiz Driver and passengers also have behavioral disorders regarding obeying rules in traffic. Citizens do not have sufficient awareness of the causes and consequences of traffic accidents. It is obvious that we cannot empathize with the victims. The socio-economic and psychological costs of the accidents to the society and families are still unknown, and they are not curious. Kaz
Tanzer Gezer, Director of the Road Safety Program of the Health Institute Association, provides information on the results of the work carried out by John Hopkins University under the Bloomberg Global Road Safety Program. The ratio of drivers wearing seat belts on all roads in Ankara is% 41.9; In Afyon, the percentage of drivers using a seat belt is% 37.3, while the ratio is explained as% 66.9 in the front seat passengers.
According to the results of the national work carried out by the General Directorate of Security in September 2014, only% 43.6 of the drivers and% 35.9 of the front seat passengers were wearing the seat belt, said Gezer.
X The use of seatbelts on intercity roads between drivers is higher than the 56.2, ie in urban areas. 35.7 of the drivers in the city reportedly used a seat belt. According to the same study, the distribution of drivers with the habit of using a seat belt according to vehicle types is also surprising. The obligation to use seat belts for taxi drivers was legally regulated in the early days of 2014. Despite this legal requirement, the use of seat belts by taxi drivers is% 35.2. Legal regulation mandates the use of seat belts for all commercial vehicle drivers, while minibus drivers 30.1%, 18.5 of bus drivers and 20.5 42.9 of drivers carrying cargo has been determined to use. Front seat passengers are very weak in the use of seat belts, 33.3 in cars, 14.8 taxis, 17.2 in buses, the rates of vehicles carrying cargo only XNUMX% said.

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