Weekend skiing in Palandopen

Enjoy the weekend skiing career Palandöken: families in Palandöken of Turkey's major ski resorts, ski enthusiasts and athletes, it was skiing Enjoy the weekend.

Families, tourists and athletes enjoyed skiing at the weekend in Palandöken.

Thanks to snowfall and artificial snowing systems that are effective at intervals in the region, snow thickness has reached the desired level in the center, some hotels opened the ski season.

Domestic and tourists from Russia, Ukraine and Poland enjoy skiing in Palandöken, where the snow depth reaches 25 centimeters.

Citizens who had the opportunity to have a weekend break, despite the fog and pusa that were effective in the ski resort, enjoyed the slides with the sleds and skis they brought with them.

Erdinç Baysal, former trainer of the Ski National Team, said that Erzurum is an important ski resort and that they enjoy skiing this season.

Baysal said, “We say it is enough when you find this much snow in these weather conditions. I hope we will reach better conditions. Races were canceled in many European countries. Races are now held in countries such as Finland and Norway. Everyone needs to be more zealous for more people to come here. In this way, we will make skiing tourism go further, ”he said.

Citizens of the week by trying to ski to ski and have fun with their families expressed their hearts.