Palandoken Night Sled Competition

palandoken ski resort
palandoken ski resort

Turkey's major ski resorts in Palandöken is located in bobsled organized, he struggled to enter university student 150 degrees.

In the "night sledding" races held at Palandöken Ski Center, university students sweated to get a degree.

Located between the major ski resorts in Palandöken sled races in Turkey and edited with lighting for night skiing.

A total of four stages of the races, Ataturk University, studying in various faculties attended the 150 students. The students were taken to the starting point of the raceway where the race will be held.

Here, the ski instructors learned about the issues to be considered in the competition students, one kilometer-long track slipped, struggled for the first place.

Students had an interesting image of the slider slide on the runways where the air temperature was below zero with 5 degrees.

Berke Dikmen, who organized the contest, told reporters that Atatürk University organized a night sled competition in order to increase their activities in Palandöken and said that the participation in the event was high.

Stating that they started the night sled after night skiing, Dikmen said, “We are making night sled for the first time in Palandöken. It was a lot of fun. We did it with an intense participation. We received support from clubs at the university for this competition. They provided some convenience for us. We're the first night after night skiing in Palandöken in Turkey bobsled competition. We are the first ski center to bring this to life, ”he said.

Aysel Günel, one of the students participating in the competition, emphasized that she was making night sled for the first time and said, “It is a very fun environment. We both compete and have fun. My goal in the night sled race is to be the first, ”he said.

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