Ödemişliler complains about train services

Ödemişliler complain about the train service: Ödemişliler, at the end of the week between the Ödemiş-Izmir TCDD because of the intensity of the difficult situation remained, he said.

Returning from İzmir to Ödemiş and from İzmir to Ödemiş, the citizens said that they were very busy and said that there was no place to stand even in the wagons and that they were traveling in an airless environment.

On Friday, with the 15.00 train, passengers returning from İzmir to Ödemiş demanded the implementation of the solution that will ease the intensity of TCDD by complaining about the intensity. Passengers Fahrettin Toker, “The train services between Ödemiş-İzmir is very busy. Consider this time the 15.00 session. There's no seat to sit in. This intensity is nothing but torture to passengers. People are traveling on top of each other. And because of this density, the wagons are too stuffy. This density is like every week. We want the authorities to make solutions that will ease the intensity Yet.

Another passenger, Nuri Pilgir, said: gir I came across the summer setting. Now it is. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Ödemiş-İzmir train services are very crowded. There is no place to step on the wagons. As such, the two-hour journey is tormenting people. In addition, the problem is that the toilet does not work a problem to be solved, "he said.

University students also complained. Student Burcu Yılmaz said, “I am paid. I am studying in Izmir. I come to Ödemiş every weekend. On arrival, I prefer the train journey. However, the train services are very busy. Every time there is a stampede. I do not know whether an additional time or additional wagon needs to be put, but I want the authorities to resolve this density ası he said. Another student, Gülşen Kabak said, de I also continue my university education in İzmir. I come to Ödemiş on weekends. Especially on Fridays and Sundays, the train services are very busy. There was no place to stand on the wagons at the time of 15.00. This situation is very good for those who travel constantly solve the issue I would like the authorities to solve this issue as soon as possible, "he said.



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