new opportunities in the hands of Turkey Turkey-Iran railway line

Turkey's hand in new opportunities Turkey-Iran railway line: a project that is extremely importance for Eurasia at the beginning of last week was implemented. In the 2007, the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan section of the 2013 railway line, which was built in accordance with the agreement signed between Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran, was opened in May, and the Turkmenistan-Iranian part was opened with a ceremony attended by the respective Heads of State. The 82 kilometer of the railway line was built by Iran, the 700 kilometer from Turkmenistan and the 120 kilometer by Kazakhstan. This strategic line, which provides the possibility of opening up the Central Asian countries to the Persian Gulf, is intended to transport 3-5 million tons of cargo in the first phase of the 10-12 million tons as well as passenger transportation. Experts say that the new railway line, which will shorten the way to the Gulf by 600 km, will cause partial reductions and cost reduction in the price of many goods, especially the underground resources.
On the other hand also binding on each country's own national line constructed by the project to Turkey's initiatives in Kazakhstan. In railway transportation between Turkey and Iran Van Kapıköy railway border crossing stands out. But the current lines are very old and need to be renewed. Passenger transportation is carried out between Ankara-Teheran and Van-Tebriz on 1 days a week.
Lure of Cossack Wheat
If the line works with full capacity, it is possible to say that there will be significant increases in the number of foreign trade figures between the countries concerned. After the opening of the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan section of the trade volume between the two countries is expressed as an increase of% 38. There is a trade volume of 4 billion dollars between Turkmenistan and Iran, including gas. Considering the import and export details between the three countries, there are important titles outside of energy. One of them is the fact that the Iranian wheat, which is accepted as the world's highest quality wheat, is being heavily imported by Iran. Iran's grain demand corresponds to the 14 of Kazakhstan's exports. Therefore, the economy management of Kazakhstan is preparing to build grain warehouses in the 3 section of the railway line.
New market for China
This new railway route, which was opened at a time when the Turkmen gas and Kazakh oil were removed from the Russian monopoly of monopoly, meant a certain level of diversity for all three countries in terms of increased exports and energy supply security. Another importance of this line is the Eurasian Customs through Kazakhstan. The member countries of the Union are taking a stronger position in the field of transportation. Similarly, China, another important country in the region, will be able to obtain a new transport channel to Europe by the only customs clearance process on the Kazakhstan side. Kazakhstan is planning to increase the capacity of 23 million tonnes on the Dostyk-Alashankou railway line to 50 million tons in order to make China's cargo transport functional.
Turkmenistan opens
Turkmenistan, who refrains from taking part in international organizations due to the status of bilir impartiality “, may argue that this project will take more courageous steps in the field of cooperation with the realization of this project and the economic results it will obtain. In addition, this project, which was signed between Turkmenistan and Tajikistan and which will extend to Tajikistan with an 400 km line, means that new markets for Turkmenistan will be transported to Europe. As a result, it will contribute to the economic and political relations of three countries projects will create a new negotiation process for the settlement of disputes over the Caspian status, especially for regional stability.

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