Highway Police New Vehicles With Its Features

New Vehicles of the Highway Police Picked Up Their Features: The highway cops began to use their vehicles designed for them and attracting attention with their special design. The vehicles were acclaimed with warning and security system.
Prepared for the highway police and the use of vehicles with special design began. The warning message system and security system in the vehicles were appreciated.
According to the information received by the AA reporter, 260 of the 2 vehicles that the General Directorate of Security added to the body were sent to Edirne. The scrolling writing plate on the vehicles specially designed for highway traffic police attracts attention.
Thanks to these signs that warn drivers as in Europe, traffic cops will be in contact with drivers in highway traffic. In this way, the warning messages of the highway traffic police can be transmitted directly to the drivers. Green stripes on the vehicles are also an interesting element of the design.
260 Corolla, which was given to the service of traffic police, was delivered to the General Directorate of Security last month. Offered for sale produced in Turkey 11th generation Corolla, the technological superiority as well as the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as a result of his detailed overall security assessment, the highest score of 5 stars Order was reported.

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