From Mudanya to Uludağ cable car line should be made

From Mudanya to Uludag cable car line should be done: Agencies A ropeway from Uluya to Mudanya in Uludag, the occupancy rate in the summer-winter may be 100, he said.

Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) South Marmara Region Executive Board Chairman Mehmet Akkus, stating that 20 Uludag snow until this day, "45 centimeters of snow in Uludag on. According to information we have received from tourism agencies, the occupancy rate of hotels in December is over 50. We are aiming to spend the year of 2014 at the rate of 100 occupancy. Because the most beautiful data of our agencies is Uludağ. Uludag is the best opportunity for agencies to make money. There are no sea, sun, sand and cultural tours in winter. In winter, there is only Uludağ and snow. Uludağ is the most important ski resort in winter tourism. Skiing is the most beautiful area where various activities are performed. We are already filling Uludag 3 per month. We want to market Uludağ not only in winter but in summer and winter. Biz

Pointing out that the bed capacity in Uludağ is dependent on the supply and demand issue, Akkuş said, mes The total bed capacity of the 2 bed in the second region in Uludağ, together with the 500 bed, has reached 8 thousand. Although this is the case, we have shortage of bed capacity in Uludağ during the winter months. In the winter it comes up tourists how much it is done in the hotel. That's why we want to make more beautiful areas in Uludag, get more beautiful hotels, we want to get more beautiful businesses. Because, Uludağ is very comfortable with its quality, profit and joy. Çünkü

In the winter months due to the fact that the hotel is full of 100 bed capacity is insufficient Akkuş Akkus, "Uludag bed capacity is less. For him in the first region of Uludag we want to be rehabilitated better. Because we are completing the deficiencies by expressing the security on the ski slopes in the coordination board meetings with the participation of our governor. Every measure is taken in such a way that a person will not be exposed in Uludağ and will not be disturbed. That's why we are only in Uludag for a hotel, business, entertainment, especially the conference hall is a very nice area. Congress congresses to be held in Uludag, congress halls need to be made, Kon he said.

Reminding that there was a shortage of transportation between Uludağ and Istanbul before, Akkuş continued:
Ü Now the 1,5 between Istanbul and Bursa fell to the hourly distance. Already the cable car is renewed, the hotels will be up to the area. We also thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. From the center to the Uludağ hotels district, the cable car will fold the number of next tourists 300. If the cable car from Uludağ to the hotels area of ​​Mudanya is built, we will fill Uludağ all the time in summer and winter. As such, bed capacity is not enough, additional hotels need to be done in Uludag. The more comfortable the transportation, the more comfortable it is for tourists. There is enthusiasm for people to come again. People will not want to come to that place again if there is difficulty in transportation. Eğer