Minibuses prevent IZBAN from supplying the feed line for Aliaga

Minibuses against Ibrahim's feeding line for Aliağa: Aliağa 39 Cooperative President Ali Kaya and Aliağa Tradesmen and Artisans Chamber President Hüseyin Ekren stated that they were against supplying a feed line to Aliağa.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the last stop of İZBAN'ın Aliağa citizens who want to feed line, district governors and administrative superiors, chamber heads and all democratic mass organizations and hand in hand with this issue wants to act together. Ali District Director of Aliağa 39 Cooperative, Ali Kaya and Aliağa Chamber of Artisans and Craftsmen President Hüseyin Ekren expressed their views.
… Citizen thinks free andaş “

Aliağa 39 Cooperative President Ali Kaya stated that the feed line that will be placed in Aliağa from İZBAN's last stop will not affect them. Citizen thinks he'il get a free ride if he comes in. We are already doing cheap transport. It is not suitable for Aliaga feed line. We are launching a total of 15 routes. Where will the feed line go? If the municipality has a bus, we will not be affected. Citizens do not prefer. Vat

Kaya also gave information on the integration of minibuses into the city card system and was tested in Izmir for a while but the system failed. It was found that the minibus carrying a 700 person in one day could collect an average of 270 TL. 65 age card, student discount, such as the case of the 1130 liralık difference between the Metropolitan Municipality is not possible to finance. For this reason, the system has not been tested for a month, was removed from the rack. Sistem
Iş With three stops iş

Ali Kaya, the President of 39 Cooperative Association, stated that they will give more informative explanations in the coming days. We're against the supply line. We will also put into service new routes to the villages that are recently included in the Aliaga Municipality. It doesn't end with three stops. Some places need to be lifted, some new places need to be determined. We'll talk when it's all over, Bunlar he said.
Ekren… Artistic approach “Ek

Hüseyin Ekren, the President of Aliağa Tradesmen and Craftsmen said that they did not share the same opinion with the citizens. Minibus 2 lira. If the metropolitan municipality showed good faith and the supply line, the citizen this time 'minibus 1.5 lira, why do you carry 1.5 liraya' will say. Good intentions will come after malicious approaches. Izban came 2 pounded. Now the feed line is requested. We look at the subject as trades. From here the 7 family eats bread. I need to think about this, Bunu he said.
”Not both“

Ekren stated that the situation in Aliağa cannot be compared to other İZBAN stops. You're already troubled, you're going to make it inevitable. I would also like to serve the feed line in Aliaga but the negative aspects are more. Both traffic disruptions and price difference because of the material is made politically. Ir

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