Projects such as Marmaray and Metrobus increased housing fees to 75

📩 01/12/2018 16:12

Projects such as Marmaray and Metrobus increased housing fees to 75: Istanbul Builders Association (İNDER) Chairman Nazmi Durbakayım announced that the projects such as Marmaray and Metrobus increased the housing fees up to 75.

Durbakayım, who answered the questions of the AA reporter after the presentation he made at the "2014 Housing Conference" organized by the Building Industry Center and where the leading names of the sector took place as a speaker, pointed to the mobility brought by the mega projects in the transportation sector to the housing sector.

Marmaray metrobüsün, citizens live in the regions that provide intensive contact with each other voicing Durbakayım, previously said that different areas of transportation to these regions, Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt went to the public bus to regions such as passed.

Durbakayım noted that Marmaray united the two continents and facilitated the transportation there, making it easier for citizens to go to places such as Beylikdüzü, Sefaköy, Avcılar, Florya in the E-5 traffic, which is getting more and more concentrated. He said that these projects that touched the district provided significant increases in housing prices.

“Large transportation projects can seriously increase housing prices. "There was an increase of up to 75 percent in house prices in the regions close to Marmaray and metrobus stops," said Durbakayım, emphasizing that this is an important rate.

Durbakayım said, “In the regions where Marmaray and metrobus pass, the increase in value will be realized in parallel with the increase in value all over Istanbul. Because the first increases are the increase that occurs with an opportunity that was never present during the start. ”


Durbakayım, who connects the continents and gives information about the third Bosphorus bridge that will be the pearl of the Bosphorus and the increases in the value of the third airport to be built in Istanbul, said that the land prices in this region “fly” in the people's words.

Stating that there is no settlement in these regions at the moment, so the impact of these projects on housing prices cannot be discussed, Durbakayım said, “The construction of the third Bosphorus Bridge and the third airport has increased the land values ​​in these regions by up to 300 percent as of now.”

Durbakayım stated that when the airport construction is finished, the prices in that region will be around 30 percent of the prices around Atatürk Airport, and the role of the third strait bridge and the ring roads in the value increase will depend on the connections. Durbakayım, however, stated that the values ​​here cannot be compared with the values ​​before the project started.


Ahmet Büyükduman, Chairman of Istanbul Gayrimenkul Değerleme ve Danışmanlık AŞ, emphasized the importance of “access” in real estate valuation, and said that as the opportunity to access places such as social facilities, entertainment center, workplaces, park, hospital, pharmacy increases, real estate prices in that region increase.

Saying, “As the opportunities that bring people to the city center increase, the value of the districts that these transportation facilities will increase will increase,” Büyükduman said that the rail systems starting from Kartal will reach the Ataturk Airport, and this system will go to more distant places in the future, so that He stated that he could reach his places, workplaces and relatives more easily.

Büyükduman said, “However, it is not easy to measure this value increase numerically. We have to go back. ”

Stating that the Metrobus and Marmaray lines do not have the same rate on the whole route, Büyükduman said, “As you move away from the center, that is, the increase in your transportation time decreases. For example, a point 5 kilometers away from Marmaray's Yenikapı stop and a place 10 kilometers away will increase in value. In other words, the closer your house is to the stops of transportation projects such as metrobus and Marmaray, the more value is increasing. ”

Stating that the main issue here is “burden in transportation”, Büyükduman stated that value is actually taken where transportation is taken.

Büyükduman said, “The effect of mega transportation projects on housing prices, free from other criteria, is about 50 percent. In other words, if we consider the residences whose prices have increased rapidly in the E-5 route such as Beylikdüzü, Avcılar, Esenyurt, there are many reasons for their prices to increase. Here, the increase created by the metrobus alone is 50 percent. ”

Stating that the airport and the bridge increased the prices of some of the lands in this region by more than 200 percent, but the same valuation was not seen everywhere, Büyükduman added that the increase could be higher after these projects were completed.


Sedat Çavuşoğlu, who has been a real estate agent in Beylikdüzü Yakuplu for a long time, noted that after the metrobus was put into service, the region was moving on real estate and construction, and that there was a great increase in the number of apartments sold after the metrobus.

Stating that they have earned more than the flats they have sold in recent years, but they have not always achieved the same income, Çavuşoğlu said, “Nevertheless, the increase in the number of sales in recent years pleases us. Especially after 2009, there has been a noticeable increase in housing prices in this region. The population growth in Istanbul and the investments made in these regions have a great impact on this. However, one of the biggest reasons for the increase is that the metrobus comes to this region. ”

Çavuşoğlu emphasized that a citizen who took the metrobus from Beylikdüzü could go to the city center and workplaces without getting stuck in E-5 traffic in a short time, “Metrobus especially accelerated transportation, increasing the housing prices in this region by more than 50 percent. In fact, we can say that the price increase rate caused by the metrobus only near the station is 100 percent. ”


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