Attempts to establish a railway freight discount center logistics village in Malatya continue

Attempts to establish a railway freight discount center logistics village in Malatya continue: AK Party Malatya Deputy and Parliament's Chief of Administration Ömer Faruk Öz stated that the initiatives to establish a railway freight discount center logistics village continue.

Together with AK Party provincial Vice President Nuh Boyraz, Central District Executive Board Member Necdet Seçilmiş, Municipal Assembly members Hasan Demez and Cumhur Şahaplıoğlu and MPs from Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO), MTSO President Hasan Hüseyin Erkoç, MTSO Parliamentary Speaker Sami Payza and Trade Exchange Parliament Speaker Akif Baştürk were also present.

Speaking here, the AK Party deputy Malatya MP and Grand National Assembly Director Ömer Faruk Öz, the awaiting waiting for the Wagon Repair Factory to the benefit of foreign rail investors to work at the point of both the minister and the general manager to continue the work, in the area of ​​Yazıc station 180 acres of land to be given to TCDD and This information about the establishment of the railway freight discount center logistics village was informed about the initiatives. Öz said, üyor When the wagon repair factory is not suitable for the logistics village, efforts are being made for the allocation of treasury land for the allocation of space to TCDD. Öz

Öz said, “Despite the allocation of 1 million 12 thousand square meters of area in the 3rd Organized Industrial Zone with an area of ​​1 million square meters in the continuation of the 800st Organization, whoever will do about the expropriation in 10 million square meters should be focused on. We are ready to do whatever falls upon us. In this regard, our President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will declare to us wherever this business is blocked and this issue should be accelerated ”.

Reminding that the apricot promotional group was established about apricot, Öz said: Then the annual export to Malatya from 1 billion dollars should be removed X he said.

He emphasized that a certain stage has been reached in licensed warehousing but it is necessary to take faster steps in this regard.

Hasan Hüseyin Erkoç, President of MTSO said, N 2013 has 30 million dollars exportation in 363 until November. This figure increased to 371 million dollars in the same period of this year. By the end of the year, the 415 is expected to reach around a million dollars. But that's enough, of course not. We need to increase the export figures to a higher level. The number of companies that closed this year is about 300 and the number of companies opened is 573. This is an important figure, Bu he said.




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