I have the same thought in Malatya Deputy Self Trambus, If High Speed ​​Train ...

native trambus
native trambus

📩 26/06/2019 08:21

Malatya Deputy Self is in the Trambus. In his speech in the program moderated by Ilknur Sahin, Oz said, “Malatya has developed and grew for years since, but unfortunately we could not produce many alternative roads except for the road passing through the city. Therefore, urban traffic was becoming unbearable between certain hours of the day. I have been an MP for eight years, and it has always been on the agenda before us. As a result of the examination, they made a technical report in the context that the south was not technically possible, it was not profitable, and that it would be difficult to operate.

After this technical report, it was included in the investment program. Projects were prepared. Of course, where 54 kilometers of road passes, there is an area to be expropriated. There's space to taboo. There were some technical applications. This process is unfortunately delayed. In particular, the General Directorate of Highways did not go into nationalization after a certain time in the construction of ring roads after 2009. With the appropriation we will allocate for expropriation, we said that we make the ring road itself. In it, municipalities around here 18 application, with this application to us to deliver this job without any problem. We also said the application of the construction tender. Not very organized at this point. We followed the tender process as soon as possible and a qualification tender was held in June. The auction was postponed after a tender was held in October. Now, according to the information we have received from the General Directorate of Roads, I hope this time, 20 will be auctioned in January. I do not think that the construction process will take too long after the tender, because there are not too many obstacles on the route. Unless there are legal and technical obstacles, I do not think that the construction work will take too much time ”.

“I think the same on the tram, and the high-speed train ..”

Regarding the trambus that Malatya Metropolitan Municipality advocates and operates as a solution for public transportation; “I think the same again. I hope I am wrong. If it contributes to the transportation of the people of Malatya, I would be glad. But the same reservations continue, ”Öz said, and for the high-speed train,“ The high-speed train incident has been a subject we have been following for a long time. Among the goals of 2023, the Malatya-Elâzığ-Diyarbakır route was included in the program via Sivas-Çetinkaya, but of course, the project tender was required. We have followed all friends for 2-3 years. General Director of State Railways, an old friend I worked with, I recently had reproach. This time, he bought it from the general directorate of infrastructure. And we will give the tender day as soon as he said. This project has been awarded on January. In 2002, the state's investment budget to be made in a year was around 6,5 billion. The money we allocate for State Railways investments only in 2015 is 8,5 billion liras.

railways, highways in Turkey has made serious strides in the network, network "found in the descriptions. Speaking for the hospital to be built in the Battalgazi region, Öz said, “Our Prime Minister has personal instructions for the construction of a hospital where the current state hospital is located. We will follow it at the point of its realization. There is a green belt project not only for the hospital but also for the formation of green areas, the process is working. Stadium activities continue at a slow pace. He needs to go faster. ” “Serious investment for Malatya” Meanwhile, Malatya MP Ömer Faruk Öz, who gave information to the UAV about their work on Railways, said, “The tender will be held in January for the high-speed train that is among our 2023 targets. As a result of our long-term studies, the studies have been completed for the line that starts from Sivas Çetinkaya direction and extends to Malatya, Elazığ, Diyarbakır. Project tender was delayed. Our latest General Manager of State Railways (DDY) had come to my room last. I made a serious reproach about the taste of this work and what should be done as soon as possible. Subsequently, our general manager received the file from the infrastructure services. DDY General Directorate will hold the project tender in January. We will follow up quickly after the project tender and make an effort to move on to the construction tender. ” Pointing out that Malatya Hatay İskenderun line is important in rail freight transportation, Öz said, “We attach great importance to this route.

The rail system of this line is important in order to reach the port in the fastest and cheapest way both agricultural products and products produced in the organized industry. The shortest route connecting Malatya to the port should be accelerated between İskenderun and Narlı. In this regard, the General Directorate of FDY is working in departments ”. Deputy General Director of FDY and Malatya region load downloading center, logistical efforts for the establishment of the deputy Öz said, “Logistics village, transfer and loading stations will not benefit only Malatya. The surrounding provinces and districts of rubber vehicles, trucks and trucks will arrive in Malatya, trains will be taken to the port. Logistics village application will be a serious investment and gain for Malatya. ”

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