Lebanese delegation visits Marmaray Tube Tunnel

The Lebanese delegation visited the Marmaray Tube Tunnel: MP Mohammad Kabbani, President of the Lebanese Grand National Assembly Transportation Commission, and his delegation visited the Marmaray Tube Tunnel. The delegation was hosted by Yenikapı Marmaray Gar. The presentation was made by Halil KORKMAZ, Deputy Director of 1.
After the presentation, the guest delegation examined the works unearthed during the excavations of Marmaray and moved to Üsküdar with Marmaray, which joined the two continents accompanied by Deputy Regional Manager Halil KORKMAZ. Üsküdar Gar Chief of the Harem exit from the Bosphorus view from the delegation of the delegation, again returned to Marmaray'la Yenikapı. Mohammad Kabbani, who was the guest of the delegation, expressed his gratitude for the visit to the Marmaray Memorial Book of Marmaray.

Günceleme: 01/12/2018 15:53

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