Kosk Municipality 6 Rolls Up For September Underpass

Kyrgyz Municipality 6 September Rolls Up for the Underpass: Köşk Municipality has started work for the railway underpass, which is the continuation of the existing underpass on Aydın-Denizli Highway, which divides the city into two. Rıfat Kadri Kılınç, the mayor of Köşk who explained that the project work for the underpass was completed, said that the construction work had started.

The subway work of Aydın-Denizli, which is the continuation of the Lower Passage, which was previously used and in use on the Aydın-Denizli Highway, passed through the middle of the town center. TCDD 3 previously done for underpass on railway. Rıfat Kadri Kılınç, the Mayor of Köşk, reminded that they had applied to the Regional Directorate, stated that they would submit the project to the public at the shortest possible time.

President Kılınç pointed out that the construction of the 6 September underpass project was taken into consideration by the TCDD for the 2014 Fiscal Year investment program. Our citizens and Adnan Menderes Primary school students were experiencing difficulties because they could not cross the train from the railway because the existing railways were protected within the boundaries of our district. For this reason, we took the step for the implementation of the underpass project, which has a great importance for our district, for our people. Our Lord has granted this work to our administration. We want to open the opening as soon as possible to serve our people, "he said.


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