Konya Istanbul YHT Flights Start on December 17


Konya Istanbul YHT Flights Starts on December 17: Konya Governorship announced the date Konya is eagerly awaiting. YHT flights between Konya and Istanbul will officially start on December 17. In the statement made by the Governorship of Konya, it was stated that "If there is not a big setback, Konya-Istanbul YHT flights will start with a ceremony on December 17".

The opening, which coincides with Mevlana's 741st Vuslat Anniversary International Commemoration ceremonies, is expected to attract great interest.

During his visit to the city, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan stated that they are preparing to start high-speed train services between Konya and Istanbul and said, “We will announce in the coming days. I wish it would be before Seb-i Arus ”.


Due to Şeb-i Arus ceremonies, additional YTT flights were put on the 10-17 December between Konya and Ankara.
While the current time at 21.00:20.00 was changed to 23.00:XNUMX, an additional time was added to XNUMX:XNUMX.
10-17 The tragedies of Konya-Ankara YHT are:
Konya time at 20.00
Konya time at 23.00

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