Kocaoglu explained when Balçova cable car line will be opened

Kocaoglu announced: When the Balçova ropeway line will be opened: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu has called for a flash to Ankara regarding the endless stat impasse. "This is a pity for the city," he said Göztepe and KarşıyakaKocaoglu reiterated his system to the ministry regarding two separate facilities planned in Istanbul and said, yapmak Is it a business to do stat? 150-200 million pounds to Izmir, a stadium is very visible, give us the job al ”he addressed the capital with the words. Mayor Kocaoğlu also gave a good news about the opening date of the Balçova Teleferic Facilities, which the people of İzmir waited for.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, commenting on important issues related to the urban agenda in a television program he participated in, gave striking comments about statues, urban transformation, transportation hike and trash issues.

“They did not ask us”
“We didn't come into a deadlock in the stat business,” he said, underlining that they are ready to take every step to solve the shortage of space and said: “Karşıyakain Yalı and Göztepe Gürsel Aksel stat in terms of traffic and life is stranded. That's what Kent thinks. KarşıyakaThe opinion of the people in this direction. Manipulation is dangerous. The Ministry of Youth and Sports decides to make stat. He asked the Metropolitan Municipality, who is responsible for all the traffic of this city, to sit down and evaluate the table. They didn't ask us anything. We heard after the tender. Such investments are correct if they are made by negotiating with the citizen, sharing with the citizen and sharing with the parties. No stat is made to the place where it is decided. If not, the reason is told. They didn't say that. KarşıyakaWe show in the cost of the ground is increasing by thirty percent because of the ground. We discussed this in our meeting with the Minister. Thirty percent may be more expensive, I asked if the cost is low in Yalı, they said no. That's not justification. This is not the reason not to make stat in Örnekköy. There's another reason. There is another reason we do not understand that we do not know this insistence… ”

Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu said that they were looking at alternative places and said, ley Stat is going into a dead end, we want to make stat. Let us take Örnekköy as a municipal service area, let's meet the need for garage there, let's do stat on the other side. I said, let's ask the crooks. No objection came, on the contrary we got support. They said they were cunning. What do I get, what do I give? Who am I, who are you? As much as the ministries, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is the state institution. The state institution, this city is the distinction we make? I'm not going there, come here and come buraya Is it stat? If Izmir 150-200 million pounds a lot is seen, let's do the job, X he said, and addressed to Ankara.

Aziz Kocaoglu, who did not neglect to respond to Aydın Şengül due to the criticism of the Statue, said: nedeniyle İzmir's deputy. Izmir's right to protect the law. We don't give it to you, but we are İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Who said I should give it to you? Is it separate? May the mayor fall apart not from his own party? Is there such a policy? Izmir people will evaluate it. While everyone is talking we are doing a stadium in Bornova. Tomorrow we are going to make Tire stat, and their projects are almost over. These aren't things that can't be done. A pity for this city. Velev that stat Yalı'ya be done, the city tomorrow to prevent problems that are working to prevent the citizens are not involved in anything. Does the village look like a guide? Let me do it… I don't challenge. I came here to serve, I didn't come to challenge anyone. There are those who are suing citizens. The important thing is to solve the problem with a participatory management approach by using mind and science. If we're wrong, we're going back, like a tram. Turkey's largest exhibition area alone we have done with our own resources. We would have done the stat thing if it wasn't the obstacle. Let's make it a partner, let me pay for it, run the stam. Stat Youth Sports General Directorate. As long as the city should be stat, Yeter he said.

“Can't leave the place“
Another important problem of the city, which has become an important issue about the issue of garbage, Mayor Kocaoglu said, lam We can't, but we can't get suggestions. Our idea about domestic waste, a small plant in the center of Pergamum, is a facility to eliminate garbage in the districts near Ödemiş. In the center of the city we work at Yamanlar. We are also looking for a place near the city center in the south. We do work where we believe to be scientifically appropriate. We're not going to waste refuse. We accept garbage as an input, a raw material, an energy source. We will generate energy, there will be no harmful substances.

Kocaoglu emphasized that the project was interrupted due to the upcoming general elections, the AK Party İzmir Deputy Aydın Şengül'e loaded on, İzmir Criticism and suggestions to bring suggestions, continued: seçimler General elections. These months are dangerous months. Everybody wants to send a message to a place, and he wants to be on the list of deputies. The number one place to use, the number one criticism is the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and its chairman. Especially now get certain candidates, elections are a bit left unchecked Turkey will undergo a process first time in four years. I hope that this period will be a good climate to solve many problems of the city. Where do we go? Then, do you incel Have you examined the place? Did you do a ground survey? This friend is city planning. People who know the city the best. Then please, not here, not here. This city's solid waste plant is needed, I say I recommend this place. Let me go there. Of course we will. We have made all environmental investments. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is also able to do this. Come on, you don't know, ask the Ministry of Environment. Our business comes before the election. It is between the two elections. İki

Outlining the challenging process of the cable car tender, Aziz Kocaoglu commented on the opening date of the facility and said, ley We will be saved when we are finished. We're going to have a picnic in spring. The wagons also arrived, assembled, the tests will begin in the coming days. Balçova'da days will begin the cable car. These problems also occurred in Sabuncubeli. There are these bottlenecks in life. There is nothing left of them anymore. We came to the end of the project. Difficult to get, we suffer, we are delayed for reasons not available. Metropolitan Municipality has done its job in accordance with the law, in accordance with the legislation, it continues. The delays other than that are not what we have. Everyone is having difficulties. Nobody wants the work done, the tender, the delivery of the place is delayed? You know the rules of the procurement law. İhale

Responding to criticism of the 12 increase in the public transport, Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu said that the government has provided free transportation facilities and duty damages, and said UM Transportation was necessary. 400 million damage from transportation. Our average cost is between 1 lira 80 penny and 2 lira. The money we get is 95 per boarding pass. Come on, get out of here. We do it. We're trying not to raise as much as we can. Today, we are subsidizing 400 million TL from our citizens who use the bus. How to subsidize our citizens who do not need them? The state will also arrange free transportation for him. I'm not going to raise every two thousand dollars. Citizen's pocket, 25 penny will not be much, ın he said.

Aziz Kocaoğlu, who also gave a flash response to the proposal of AK Party Provincial President Bülent Delican, "The city hall in Konak should be demolished, the city square should be opened," said, "İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has one building. It is the property of this city. Whether halal… There is not only one city hall in Konak. I bring it to the parliament, I wash it. But if it all collapses. All of these are government agencies, they're welcome ... We also destroy the municipality. But first the municipality should be demolished, then the others will not… All of these buildings will be counted. This has been raised before. Only one person opposed. At that time, he had a gas station with a workplace there. ”

The Governor of Izmir Izmir Governor Mustafa Toprak reaffirmed his criticism of the administration of the Special Administrative Property and underlined that the court will give the right decision in the judicial process that started after the crisis. Hatip High School is correct to do? There is no sitting there, every place is work. Just because I'm not going to the municipality, what is the logic of opening the Girls Imam Hatip High School? I'm on rent, I'm in trouble. If the metropolitan municipality goes there, can you solve the space shortage? My friends are sitting back to back. If this school is done elsewhere, wouldn't it be more accurate in terms of urbanism? Bu

Kocaoğlu continued his words by comparing municipal law with the law numbered 6306 in urban transformation and gave important information about the works carried out in six different points and said: dönüşüm Urban transformation is going heavy. Why is that? Slums in this city are multi-storey and this is a disadvantage. It is our duty to transform the city by making the right examples, the right planning and the right designs for the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. It will come out as a design product. We designed Uzundere, we are in a very good spot. We designed the Aegean neighborhood, we are at the last point. Good sample root will expel samples. This wheel will turn quickly and this city will turn rapidly. Good examples will chase each other. 6306 is a law based on substances that are obligatory and interfere with property. And it's not moving. This is wealth transfer. There is no urban transformation in the planned regions. The metropolitan municipality is carrying out the work of urban transformation. The Ministry started in Karabakh and could not make a distance. In the planned area, Alsancak Kordon, KarşıyakaThe collapse of the risky structure in Bornova, Güzelyalı is another thing. Transforming the unhealthy city is another thing. The Ministry has not yet set an example. A complete fiasco took place in Fikirtepe. Both the contractor and the citizens became victims. We are in favor of compromise. We have to be both referees and judges. We have to protect the rights of both the owners and the contractors ”.

Mayor Kocaoğlu described the problems they encountered in urban transformation as follows: “BayraklıSomeone intervenes in, politicians intervene. He confuses the citizen, saying I will give more. It is not our concern. Let everyone be sure that if Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is going to make an urban transformation, the remaining rent will remain entirely to the citizen, with no calculations, evaluations, no benefits to the municipality. There will be on-site transformation. This is our constant principle. We do not expect rent. Our rent is to make the city a world city. To ensure the life safety of the citizens against disasters and to create a healthy city. ”

Referring to the ongoing renovation works in the 40 kilometer band, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, alarında There are shortcomings in İzmirdeniz Coastal Design Project. We didn't succeed in the passport. We're making it up, making it right. All projects were revised this year. Kordon handing over us, we need to relax, we need to work more comfortably. The Court of Accounts also confirmed this in the 2013 report. We need a little relief. We've received the permission of the piers too late. If there is no setback, the coastal design will be completed in 2016 Bir.

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