Trains and Overpasses

Trams and Overpasses of the Kadıköy: We live in the province of Kocaeli Province as of the 1985 year, within a long period of time (Although it is not capable of trying to bring journalism together) as a continuous movement of Kocaeli and the town of 12 If we have 10 people who are living in our one-to-one development, we see ourselves in this group of 10 people.

In order to manage a city, the team coming to the job needs to head to the ekip visual beauties Alty that will bring the settlement center to the citizens as a su Albenili-attraction center ir while producing solutions to meet basic needs such as infrastructure-sewerage-road-water. .

Kocaeli Büyükşehir municipality of Kösekrov'a, as well as the services that we do not do, aside from the services we have mentioned ”Attractiveness an point that will be said to be et halal asında together with Kocaeli to see the people of SEKAPARK and the center of the city and the bridges that connect the coast with a light coming.

These days, excitement and excitement for us to come to the tram project before the button to go to the evening in the direction of Kartepe-Gebze almost every day in Izmit, shiny lights reflected in the bridge or bridges reflected in us really gives peace.

Even if an overpass in Izmit center is opened to service, even in the face of the başlayan discontent yap that started with the breakdown of the, escalators şekil, which is deployed as a convenience for the citizen to climb on the bridge, “If the fault is, this negativity can be eliminated in some way, the issue is that these overpasses are operating in some way ”We answered.

SEKAPARK, which contributes to the city's aesthetics of Kocaeli, and the fact that after the overpasses, the Tramway project which is yapan fulfilling the necessity of being the city-city man, will be realized.

When we go abroad from time to time, we follow the route of the cities, the transportation vehicles in the city squares and the route of the means of transportation, how the citizens in those areas acted as if they were, in their own homes ğ as a result of the lighting made especially after dark. from time to time red sighing erek we watch.

For this reason, we were excited to embrace the tram project which was tried to be realized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality without looking behind the route without looking back.

In the current days, the Metropolitan Municipality will have to respond to these criticisms.

We provide added value due to the beginning of more work "facing the city of Kocaeli in Turkey," the first rail investment we are one of those glad to be given the start for Akçaray.

But we all need to know that the rail system is a purpose of public transport; In this context, the tram project on the east-west axis will be the contribution of the primitive transportation vehicles (minibuses, midibuses, bellows etc.) that make us the k illallah tram. ,

Well, at this stage, this project is sufficient for us. We think that this project is. Good for Kocaeli but it is too late P.

Our expectation is that a large majority of the settlement in Izmit is in hilly areas. Therefore, we hope that alternative rail system public transportation systems on the North-South axis will be included in the planning in the future, even if it is not implemented now.

Again, it is our hope that in the developing time, it should not take much time for Izmit to integrate the rail system, which will provide transportation to Tepelik settlements, neighborhoods, and even the University, to the rail system that is being studied.




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