TRNC Nicosia Wants Tramway

Iskele Çayırova Road Opened for Service on the 38th Anniversary of the TRNC
Iskele Çayırova Road Opened for Service on the 38th Anniversary of the TRNC

After the tram project in Famagusta made a sound, it turned out that the citizens in the capital Nicosia also had a tram expectation. Speaking to the Cyprus Post, Lefkoşalı stated that the traffic and the population are more intense in Nicosia and said, “It is a must to build a tramway”.

In the 2011, one of the important names of the tram project prepared for Nicosia, CTP-BG Nicosia Turkish Municipality Councilor Onur Olguner said, Üy I also exist among the people who believe that there must be a Tram in Nicosia. X

While the tram project, which made a sound in Famagusta, was very pleased with the people, citizens living in the capital Nicosia started to raise their voices about bringing a tram line to Nicosia. As Cyprus Post, we measure the pulse of the citizens about the tram and ask them 'is there a need for a tram, is a tram a necessity?' we asked. Citizens are of the opinion that especially Nicosia needs a tram. The citizen, who thinks that the traffic will be relieved if the tram arrives, is waiting with great excitement for this project to be realized in Nicosia as well.

Nicosia tram project prepared in 2011

CTP-BG Nicosia Turkish Municipality Council Member Onur Olguner said that they prepared the tram project for the zoning plan change in 2011. Unfortunately City Planning did not include the change. Within the project, which we made into a detailed booklet, land use, routes, walking distances, stop impact areas, road sections, construction application research, sample applications and many details were available, jen he said.

”10 will be completed in the year süreç

Noting that the project includes 3 stages, Olguner said, “We have foreseen the completion of this 3 stage in a decade. It was an important detail to support the project by reinforcing the dolmuş-based public transportation system as the stages proceeded and providing services to the missing areas until the completion of the project. Etap

“We can contribute to the studies“

Olguner, ended his words as follows; Sistemi Establishing a tram system in our country, which earns significant income from tourism and education areas, is very important for universities and tourism. The tram system also contributes to the development of these areas. However, it is also of great importance to break the culture of 'a car for every adult' in our country. In this context, I am also among the people who believe that there should be a Tram in Nicosia. If desired, we may share the work we do with the ministry to assist in such a study. We can contribute to the work. Çalış

Berkay Özdoğu: “Opportunity to travel“

'Tram must be in Nicosia. everywhere in Turkey. The tram relieves traffic and gives you the opportunity to travel more economically. In addition, the traffic problem in the capital city of Nicosia is solved to a large extent and the transportation becomes faster. I hope the tram is done, the controls take place regularly and the people will not be victims. Ir

Berna Ergenç: “We're tired of traffic clutter Bern

Yapıl The tram, which is planned to be built in Famagusta, should be built in Nicosia, because the traffic of the capital is more intense. We're sick of this traffic jam now. Moreover, there is no proper public transportation in our country and I think the tram will be a step in this direction. Üst

Ahmet Topal: UM Tram 10 becomes number Ahmet

Olur A tram in Nicosia is the number 10. A tram to the capital will greatly relax the traffic. Baş

Mehmet Ömerpaşa: “We want a tram in the capital Mehmet

Uz We want a tram in the capital. I think the tram will ease traffic and speed up transportation. Tram

Hilmi Okalpli: ım Our people love the car Hil

Sev Our people like to travel by car. As it is known, public transportation is not used much in our country. It doesn't make sense if the tram isn't going to be used, or if it won't be tempted to use it. Eğer

Alev Şaşmaz: vay Tram is a must Alev

Tır If you make a tram to Famagusta, it must be done in Nicosia. Because Nicosia is a capital city for many reasons brought with more intensive traffic. Since there is no public transportation in every house, there are 2 or 3 vehicles, and tramway construction will prevent the multiplicity of vehicles. Her

Solmaz Türkoğlu: “Tram is a great advantage Sol

Gerekli A great advantage for the tram in Nicosia and needed to be done. Especially in the city, the school can benefit from the problem of relieving the intensity of work entry and exit times and solving many problems in the traffic of a tram to the schools route. Özellikle

Esat Obenler: “It will provide fast access Es

Oş I think that the tram, which will provide fast access and stop the traffic jam, should be done in Nicosia as soon as possible. “

Meral Azimli: “Very nice M

Olur I think that making tram to Nicosia is beneficial to our people on many issues. First, cheap and fast transportation is provided. Traffic is greatly relaxed. In short, it would be very nice Kıs

Gülşen Savaş: “Definitely a tram Gül

Orum Certainly there should be a tram to Nicosia, because I believe it will facilitate transportation. But the regulation should be so that we can solve the big problem in public transportation and provide transportation until late. Fakat

Burcu Özdaim: sık The tram can solve the problems Bur

Olur I think it would be nice to do it in Nicosia like the tram planned for Famagusta. In our country, especially in Nicosia, there is great distress in the transportation and this difficulty can be solved together with the tram. Em

Yusuf Yöncü: “Good for the elderly Yusuf

Olur Getting a tram is good especially for the elderly. However, the route should be planned well and the roads should not be closed to traffic. Fakat

Hatice Şengül: 'The tram adds a lot to Nicosia Hat

Or Although there are public transportation vehicles in our country, it is not used by citizens. If people are made aware of the use of trams in this regard, a tram will add a lot to Nicosia. İnsanlar

Gökhan Karaman: “Relieves traffic Gök

De The traffic in Nicosia is also crowded from Famagusta, so a tram to the capital is a must. I believe the tram will greatly relax the city's traffic. Tram
Hasan Abahorlu: “use should be encouraged Hasan

Tır If the tram is going to be reduced in urban transport, but the use will be encouraged, it will be good for us if wages are low. Otherwise it doesn't make sense. It will be a great advantage for students..

Mehmet Altıparmak: da You need a tram to Nicosia Mehmet

Ayla The traffic problem in our country is solved to a great extent by tram and people have the chance to reach the destination more quickly by tram. In short, you need a tram to Nicosia.

Mehmet Demirtaş: “Cheap transportation Mehmet

Vay It is best to make a tram to Nicosia. Traffic is relieved, cheap transportation is provided and people go to their destination faster. Trafik

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