Kecioren subway station is attached to Public Procurement Authority

Kecioren subway station was attached to the Public Procurement Authority: The problems experienced in Keçiören subway, which will be opened in 2015 in the capital, cause the process to be blocked. The tender made for the connection of the Keçiören subway to the other subways was canceled by the Public Procurement Authority (GCC). Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure, appealed to cancel the decision of the JCC. The response to the objection may also result in delay in the opening of the subway. If the appeal is not accepted, the tendering process will restart and the metro opening is expected to extend for a few days.
There is a problem in Keçiören subway, which is being built by the Ministry of Transport and announced in 2015. The problem is 'Kecioren (M4) Metro Line, Existing (M1) Metro Connection Line Electromechanical Systems Procurement, Installation and Commissioning Works with Macunköy Depot Site Additional Lines and ASTİ-Söğütözü Extension Electromechanical System, Installation and Commissioning' tender by the JCC stemming The tender was made at 18 March 2014, followed by protests. Following the objection of Dido-Ray Yapı Açılım Construction joint venture which gave the lowest bid in 1 September 2014, the firm evaluated the subject according to the technical specifications and the tenderer did not submit the requested document and canceled the tender due to the fact that the tenderer did not provide the required condition. Following the developments, the Ministry of Transport General Directorate of the General Directorate of the General Assembly filed an appeal for the cancellation of the JCC. If the JCC rejects the appeal, the tender is expected to be rebuilt. The resumption of the tendering process reveals the possibility of postponing the date of commencement of work to a later date. This possibility will cause problems in the integration of the existing Batıkent subway and the Keçiören subway in the Atatürk Cultural Center and the integration of the electromechanical systems. It is stated that all other works with complementary features will affect the working systematics of all subways in Ankara. The extension of the procurement process may also postpone the opening of the Keçiören subway.
The 62 group participated in the tender, which was made in March and was estimated at 9 million Euros. Şenbay-Ozgün partnership, Türkerler and Makyol were taken from the tender. Alarko 53 million 267 Euro, Doğuş 47 Million 990 Euro, Gülermak 54 Million 600 Euro, Siemens 51 Million 190 Euro, Eferay-Nas-Cemiloğlu Group 55 Million 865 Million Euros and Open-Didoray Group 47 Million 886 Thousand Euros He had a bid.

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