Visually Impaired Learn to Slip in Kayseri

Visually Impaired Learners Learn to Ski in Kayseri: Visually impaired people in Kayseri started training in Erciyes Mountain to learn and ski.

Visually impaired people in Kayseri started training on Erciyes Mountain to learn and ski.

As part of the 'Trainers Overcome the Barriers' project of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, ski training was initiated for visually impaired people. During the trainings continuing at Erciyes Ski Center Tekir Kapı, the visually impaired skiers were shown standing, walking and slipping on a slight slope. Ski Coach Hülya Çam stated that they are trying to teach 4 visually impaired people to ski in the ongoing studies with 7 trainers. Underlining that it is a difficult sport for the visually impaired, Coach Hülya Çam said, “We have just started the season in ski training with the visually impaired. We want to ensure that visually impaired people gain their own confidence, act on their own, overcome all obstacles and do this sport one day a week. We set out for this purpose. We are currently continuing our training with our 4 coaches and 7 disabled trainees. There is prejudice especially because it is a difficult sport for the visually impaired. Parents also had fears. We started the trainings with our most courageous students. After these trainings, of course, it will continue. When they see that they can ski, we aim to grow the mass with all the visually, mentally and physically disabled people ”. Kayseri Visually Impaired Sports Club General Secretary Mahmut Selçuk, who started training with 6 visually impaired on the track, also explained that the athletes are determined and willing. Selçuk said, “I skied two years ago. Of course, we were afraid of this sport first. Those who do not know the sport of skiing say that skiers always break their arm and leg and perceive it as such. "Our sports club, which previously operated in 8 different branches, thus learned the 9th branch," he said.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:54

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