Ski Referee's Course Ended

Referee Course Ended Skiing: Ski Referee Course carried out between Turkey Ski Federation Army ended December 8-10. 15 trainees from 62 provinces participated in the Ski Referee Course held in Ordu and lasted for three days.

Expressing that they are happy to open a course in Ordu, Ski Federation Central Referee Board Chairman Cengiz Uludağ said, “We have opened a Ski Referee Course in Ordu, upon request. There was serious participation in the course we opened. In addition to the first two days of theoretical training given to the trainees in the three-day course, we completed our course with applied training on snow in Çambaşı Plateau on the last day. ”

Engin Ulukan, Member of the Board of Referees of the Ski Federation, said, “We were delighted to see that the ski activities were carried out in Ordu. In our ski referee course, we applied 62 trainee referee candidates in the Alpine and Northern Discipline, Snowboard and Wheeled Skiing branch on the last day after the necessary courses were given. I also think that the construction of Çambaşı Ski Center, which is still under construction, will greatly improve the ski sport in the province and the region. I thank all those who contributed. ”

Fevzi Turan, the Provincial Representative of the Ski Federation, said, “I think that the Ski Referee Course will contribute significantly to the development of skiing in our province of Ordu. The course disciplined the skiing community in a different way. I think that the course adds very different values ​​for skiing, but tourism is beneficial. Because the trainees from 15 different provinces had the opportunity to see Çambaşı Plateau and ski center. ”

The Mayor of Kabaduz Yener Kaya said, gelen The course opened in our province attracted a lot of interest and the 15 participants from the province of 62. This table is an indication of the development of skiing in our region Bu.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:52

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