Karabük candidate to be the center of Turkey's railway transport

📩 01/12/2018 15:58

candidate to be the center of Karabük Turkey's railway transportation: Chairman of AK Party Karabük Timurçin Say on, Karabük free and industrial zones with Turkey's railway they are poised to become the center of transport and that this is about a lot provinces 3-0 they were ahead.
Provincial Chairman Say on, he said Karabük which pave the way for Turkey's 2023 year target in accordance with the railway, which will be the hub of transportation Karabük Free and completion of all infrastructure feasibility studies for the Industrial District.
Sayed that the Free and Industrial Industry Zone, which is planned to be built on the 20 million square meter land in the Ismetpasa region in the Eskipazar District, is integrated with the Filyos Port project, Saylar said, milyon However, the company filed an appeal to the Constitutional Court regarding the Filyos Port project. The law process continues. Filyon port project to appeal to the company will be a great benefit to both the region and the country is discussed with themselves. Hopefully we will survive that process. Filyos project is very obstacle, and this barrier is also below. It is integrated with the project of Filset and Industrial Industrial Zone in Karabük, but its compression in such a legal process does not prevent the project. We brought that project to a certain stage. We have prepared feasibility reports by doing studies. We will present to the Prime Minister 5 to the region addressed to the minute animation. Professionally prepared. We receive the greatest support from our TSO Chairman. Together we have prepared a nice feasibility report and animation. We also told our deputy Mehmet Ali Sahin. In January 9 Başbakanımızdan coming to Turkey Karabük Karabük and we want to support related project will provide a great contribution, "he said.
AK Party Provincial President Timurçin Say, Free and Industrial Zone project within the 2023 years, the state he envisioned it, the high-speed train network with rail technology expansion in the due state in Turkey, stating that 70 billion dollars foresee an investment, "Turkey attaches great importance to the railway network in recent years . In this context, 6 bin 500 locomotive, 50 bin wagon and 500 thousand kilometers rail production. When we look at these Karabük, 3-0 ahead of many provinces in Turkey. Because of Turkey's railway KARDEMİR produces rails. At Karabük University, there is Ray Engineering and Iron and Steel Institute. We in this project, to the Republic of Turkey as our 2023 years about the railway network for the production of this piece, and we want to encourage Karabük Free Industrial Zone. 2023 100 billion dollars to be foreseen by the contribution of this region can be made as Karabük and we show that our knowledge. We trust Karabük industrialists and we are able to achieve this. The support of Karabük University, the industrial culture of the city, and the fact that KARDEMİR started earlier on this is a special advantage for us. In this sense we will be able to do all parts of the railway network in this region. 20 million square meters of land is produced. Samsun highway is passing through, iron networks are available. No high energy shortages. A cornerstone to Ankara on the 2 hour, east Black Sea and the Black Sea. The value added in Turkey will seek support from the Prime Minister on a production network that can contribute to higher national economy. We believe that we will achieve this. This project will pave the way for Karabük. How we grew up with the University, Free and Industry will grow even more with the region, Üniversite he said.

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