Snow Affects Transportation in Bolu Mountain

Snow Affects Transportation in Bolu Mountain: Snowfall affected transportation between Bolu Mountain and Bolu and Ankara. While the roads were open for transportation as a result of snow plowing and salting works of highways, transportation slowed down due to snowfall.
Snowfall began to take effect in Bolu last night. The snow thickness in the city center reached 5 centimeters and 10 centimeters in Bolu Mountain. With the start of snowfall on the Bolu Mountain and TEM Highway and D-100 Highway between Bolu and Ankara, Highways and traffic crews started working on the routes. The traffic teams directed the Highways teams to the regions where snowfall was effective. As a result of the snow plowing and salting works of the Highways, the roads were kept open for transportation. Due to snowfall, drivers had to travel slowly with their vehicles. Traffic cops waiting in front of Bolu Mountain Tunnel warned vehicles that made speeds to reduce their speed by making hand signals. Bolu Regional Traffic Directorate officials made the following warning by asking drivers to avoid excessive speed and close follow-up due to snowfall and icing:
“It is necessary to be more careful when there is snow and ice. It should not be started with vehicles that are not suitable for winter conditions. When there is snow, speed also reduces the vehicle's dominance. Accidents due to speed cause casualties, injuries and material damage, as well as hinder transportation on the roads. Therefore, attention should be paid to avoid excessive speed and close follow-up. ”
Meanwhile, in Bant's natural wonder Abant, the snow thickness has reached 20 centimeters and the ski center Kartalkaya has reached 80 centimeters. Halit Ergül, General Manager of Grand Kartal Hotel, located in Kartalkaya on the summit of Köroğlu Mountains, said, “There is a heavy snowfall. Snow thickness reached 80 centimeters. We estimate that the thickness of snow will exceed 1 meter with the snow expected to be effective today. ”


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