Kanal Istanbul Project Increases Land Value 4 Times in Arnavutköy

Kanal İstanbul project has increased its Land Value 4 times in Arnavutköy: The Kanal Istanbul project, which will combine the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea with a waterway, has increased the land prices of Arnavutköy by two to four times in the past year. Candaroğlu Real Estate Consultancy Specialist Mustafa Candaroğlu emphasized that this project, which will relieve ship traffic in the Bosphorus, caused a significant increase in land values ​​in the region.

The Kanal Istanbul project, a project to combine the Marmara Sea and Black Sea with the waterway, has increased the land prices of Arnavutköy by two to four times in the last year.

Candaroglu Real Estate Consultancy Specialist Mustafa Candaroglu, Istanbul Bosphorus ship traffic in this region, which will relax the traffic in the region, a significant increase in the values ​​on the land stressed.

Kanal Istanbul, known as a crazy project among the public, will create a new island and two new half-islands in Istanbul. Candaroglu added that two cities will be formed until 2023 and will be combined with the Sea of ​​Marmara at that time.

Arnavutköy is the new favorite of the investor

According to Candaroğlu, who stated that the location of the 3rd Airport and the Northern Marmara Highway route in this region, together with the Kanal Istanbul project, increased the importance of the region and that the land prices in the region had skyrocketed, according to Candaroğlu. kazanwill provide three.

Arnavutköy added that the climb in the values ​​of the plot brought along the demands of the climb, and emphasized that the important developments in the sector will continue. Social life and business in the area of ​​change in the region living more and more every day, zoning and land that has been turned into land in the last five years, a hundred per cent increase, so that the same situation for the coming years will be added to the words of the Candaroğlu, which is already four-fold increase underlining that he drew.

Especially in Arnavutköy district, Bolluca, Boğazköy, Haraçcı, Yeniköy and Taşoluk is not a coincidence of the qualification of the investor as a new favorite.

The project was brought to the border in the construction of the new settlement of Arnavutköy in accordance with the purpose of the new settlement of twenty-four thousand hectares of land that Candaroglu said, within the boundaries of Eyup, Basaksehir, Avcılar, Bakirkoy and Esenler districts, as well as the most popular place, said Arnavutköy'ın.

2018 3 is planned to be completed in the year. Airport project and 3. In addition to the Bosphorus Bridge connection road, 2014 and 2019 are located on the E-5 Road - TEM highway XArnavutköy Center and construction. Another study is 3. Metro line in the direction of the airport.

Adding that they have been providing real estate consultancy services in the region for about twenty years, Mustafa Candaroğlu added that they are acting as an institutional and that investors offer up-to-date information on their websites to do research before they come to them. Candaroglu, address in the region also gave all the details about the voiced.


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