Tram problem of Izmit

Izmit's tram issue: I was troubled by the trolley issue in the country.

First, each election period, 'will do, will do,' he said, did not do.

Then they decided to do; In order to make the nation believe, there was no more eggs and they brought a wagon to the center of the city.

Meanwhile, they did not neglect to explain the route to the houses in the festival;

They assigned the busiest streets of the city to the tram.

Needless to say, they never thought that the tram line, which was planned to be crossed by the Walkway, would harm the plane trees that were the symbol of this city.

They seemed pretty determined about the project; people have never listened to their concerns or criticisms.

We gave up… We looked, the job got ina; We decided to shut down and wait for the construction to begin and wait for what will happen to us.

Then one day, Kocaeli Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu output;

The person who clogs everything that has been said until that day and who stubbornly defends the tram made the statement as if it was not him:

'There are troubles in the picture we see ... Scientists say that plane trees can be dried.

It is very costly to remove the infrastructure on the Walkway and move it to another place.

It may be wiser to think of the subway instead of the tram… '

We took a deep oh… Fortunately the President realized the danger before it was too late for everything.

Wherever the damage was turned from, it was the card…

We are happy of course… But this happiness did not last long.

More than a few days had passed since this statement;

This time the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality spoke:

'We are near the end of the tram.

Scientists agree that the plane trees will not be damaged.

A pinball ball like a ball, looking at the other we understood;

We will be able to learn what will happen to us on the tram.

Here is the situation:

A promotional meeting was held the other day about the tram project…

The project was once again explained and the new route of the tram was announced.

Luckily the line was abandoned on the Walkway.

I learned that our sycamore trees survived and after taking a deep one, I started to examine the new route.

First of all, let me state that… As far as I said, every time the subject of tram is opened;

My personal opinion is that the city's destiny is not the tram but the subway.

Of course, I know this is a much more difficult and costly business, but;

I believe that the traffic problem of Izmit will be solved by a metro line that will do our job after 5 years, not after 100 trams which will be insufficient after years.

Anyway, if we go back to our topic…

Yes, a new route has been set for the tram line.

The tram will depart from the bus station, and after Hanlı Street, Yahya will proceed along the roads of Kaptan Salkım Söğüt- Sarı Mimoza-Necip Fazıl.
It is located along the central part of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard. Kemal High School-M. Ali Pasha Mosque will be passed to the line.
The tram line going from the west of East Kışla Park to the D-100 Highway will pass behind the governorship complex in the northern part of Şehit Rafet Karacan Boulevard parallel to D-100.
The line, which stretches from Hafız Binbasi Street to D-100, will continue parallel to D-100.
The tram line that will pass from Sahabettin Bilgisu Street to Yeni Friday Mosque will come to the Central Bank under the Fevziye Mosque and to the Sekapark by crossing the Izmit Railway Station from the northern part of Istasyon Street.

Dear reader, at the beginning I told you, I'm tired of writing about this tram issue.

That's why I don't want to comment on the new route of the tram, saying 'good auspicious'.

But still…

I'm not going to repeat a question I've asked a few times before.

The question is: Do our trams have the ability to fly?

If the answer to this question is not 'yes', I will pass on to the second question with your permission:

How will the tram, whose name is Akçaray, go to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard from Yahya Kaptan Necip Fazıl Street?

How will this vehicle, which moves on to the electrical wires, cross the Yahya Kaptan Bridge Interchange?

If you know the answer to this question I've been wondering for months like crazy, I would very much like to inform me.

After that, I won't open my mouth again.

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