Izmir High Speed ​​Train Line to be Connected to Two Capital Markets

İzmir Will Be Connected to Two Capitals with High Speed ​​Line: Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan said, “If we made a promise, we stand behind that promise. "There is no expression that cannot be realized, cannot be realized, the concept does not exist in our dictionary."

In his speech during his visit to the AK Party Izmir Provincial Directorate, Elvan explained that they are examining various projects in Izmir today, discussing the problems of the city with non-governmental organizations and talking about the solutions.

Stating that they said, "We set out for the national will, we set out to serve our people" when they set out as the government, Minister Elvan said, "Until today, we have never given to our citizens who are really sensitive about the national will, even to each citizen. we have never cast a shadow. We have always tried to serve. "We tried to realize projects that will unite and integrate 77 million people."

Stating that they made huge investments in Izmir, they continue to do so, and that they made an investment of more than 2014 million liras in the city only in 500, Elvan said, Istanbul-Izmir highway project, Ankara-Izmir high-speed train line project, Izmir-Istanbul high-speed train project, Sabuncubeli, Konak, Belkahve tunnels, he explained that they made investments such as. Elvan said, "We are opening the veins blocked in İzmir in transportation and access, one by one and we will continue to open them.

Minister Elvan continued:

“We should embrace our brothers from Izmir together. Regardless of the political party, we have to embrace it. We need unity, integrity. Unity is strength and I think that all our citizens of Izmir should unite in a single goal for the development and development of Izmir. Whoever makes an effort in this matter must be supported.

There are elections ahead of us. It is extremely important to explain in detail what we do, and share it with our citizens. We sincerely want to serve Izmir. Izmir's development, as well as the development of growth and at the time not only to our Turkey, brand the city and the examples in Europe and globally have taken very serious steps to bring to a city position, then we will take, as long as we are what we do, and thereafter Let's sincerely explain what to do and realize them.

If we made a promise, we stand behind that promise. There is no concept or expression that can be realized or cannot be realized. We literally realize whatever we promise and we will realize them. We do not stand behind any project that we cannot do or realize. This is our understanding of politics. We are people who love people. We are people who speak wholeheartedly. There is no harshness in our language, there is no attack in our language, and I think our people of Izmir should also see this understanding. I believe that the people of Izmir will really support us in this new period. "

AK Party İzmir Provincial Chairman Bülent Delican expressed his satisfaction with the visit and presented a plaque with the Nazar prayer to Minister Elvan.




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