Why are the flights stalled in İZBAN?

Why the flights are disrupted in İZBAN: A statement came from İZBAN, which has been criticized for the recent disruptions in the flights, especially the signaling problems.
Signalization problems, especially for weather conditions and other reasons due to the recent disruptions in the voyages of criticism came from İZBAN. Sebahattin Eris, General Manager of İZBAN said, yolcu The number of passengers we carry daily is 280. We are the only operator. Neither a signaling nor a problem on the railroad is about us le But the public is giving us a lot of meaning, Ne he said.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality after a radical change in transportation after the increase in the number of passengers in İZBAN, the problems caused by the citizen's reaction.
Delays in the number of flights, signaling problems, delays due to weather conditions are among the most important issues criticized in social media.
İZBAN came to the agenda in recent times due to disruptions, Torbalı in the south, while in the north to go to Bergama to continue the work of the system's number one responsible came from evaluation. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD jointly implemented 80 kilometers Aliaga-Menderes Line operating on the management of İZBAN General Manager Sebahattin Eriş answered the comments.
Eris, aks There are occasional disruptions. But there is no problem that would make the system radically problematic. A fire broke out due to a fire in the signalization control system recently. TCDD also intervened and did what was necessary. With the new regulation in transportation, the number of passengers we carry is increasing day by day. We are currently carrying 280 thousand passengers per day. This figure is huge haricinde There is no problem except for the morning and evening hours. In addition, our new train sets 15 tan There are three test runs. They will also begin work. We have completed our preparations for the new train sets that will be working on the line extending from Menderes to Torbalı. It will also work, Or he said.
On the train line, only trains belonging to IZBAN, which does not carry passengers express, said, 'We are doing mixed transportation here. Since there are double lines, there are freight trains and freight trains going out of Izmir. As Dogan, we are also walking in the process. The important thing here is coordination. We, as İZBAN, only operate the trains on the line. The signaling and the situation on the rails are not entirely outside of us and our jurisdiction. Citizen, immediately when there is a problem 'İZBAN' he says. It has a very large meaning and a public opinion task. We also receive criticism on issues that we are not responsible for. Already in general, something goes smoothly and it does not matter when it works. You are criticized when there is a slight disruption. We also do this from time to time in İZBAN. Everyone is trying to do his job in a good faith, Herkes he said.

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