Uludağ Hotels Area Three Hours From Istanbul

Istanbul Uludag Hotels Region Three Hours: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Istanbul, 3 hours to ski Uludag said they could go.

President Altepe, the hotel to the region until the line will open at the beginning of the cable car to the city center said they would download.

Altepe said, turist 80 is now on the cable car. The old cable car from the symbols of Bursa served 50 year. It was obsolete, it had to be renewed, complete system was installed with a complete system. Capacity increased by 12 times. The current line has now been renewed. Really nice facility but also nice ride, panoramic ride. Now you go around watching where you sit. The normal stage had been renewed, and now it goes to these hotels, the ski slope. Normal line 4,5 mileage, additional line to run out, 4,5 mileage. He's growing up for Christmas. It is one of the longest cable car lines in the world. Now you can go to the bottom of the ski slope from the center of Bursa. Now we are traveling with a cabin with a group of 8 people. By watching Bursa and watching the highlands of the valleys, you will go to the hotels. Bursa and hotels are integrated with a cable car line. You no longer need to stay at the hotel to go to Uludag and ski. There is a subway line in Bursa which reaches to the west of the city to the west of the city. 40 kilometers have metro line. 9 mileage tram is there, X he said.

Altepe said, ecek We are connecting the ropeway with the Metro. It is also important for both the residents of Bursa and Istanbul. They will ride from the city center without going to the cable car station at the foot of the mountain. You are approaching Mudanya with BUDO. You go to Uludağ by a cable car from Gökdere to the rail system station. Direct cable car, metro and ship with air and sea transport will be taken from Istanbul at the 3 hour. 5-6 hours will be passed daily and will be in Istanbul again. Transport is becoming integrated. The stress-free journey will be, St he said.

“We are working for everything that is symbolic of Bursa,“ said Altepe. Epe We are trying to raise the history of our city culture. Recently, special administrations have been abolished. The development of the entire countryside is with local authorities. We are working on reviving these productions. We do not only do normal municipality, we support the production of vegetables, fruit and livestock, we contribute to all kinds of contribution. The silk beetle's a piece of this. Bursa is an important center on the silk road. During the centuries, Bursa silk was not taken customs by Europe, just to come to the silk themselves. With the development of the industry in Bursa and the development of the automotive industry silk was ignored. Where silkworm production is available, we have started supporting all of these activities. We have established a silk museum, the yarn from the cocoon and touch, garments and finished products are described. We support Bursa to be remembered again with silk and to make it important in this production. For example, we revive the sword shield. The biggest performance in the history of municipalities in Bursa is stat. 185 have thousand square meters construction area. 45 thousand people. We want to be ambitious in the world. When you say stat in the center of science and skiing, Bursa should come to mind. When you think of thermal, Bursa should come to mind. When the capital of history, the Ottoman should come to mind. We care about this stadi. This building is really exciting. Sit on which seat you sit and match as if played in front of you. There is no such thing in the world's brand status, Dün he said.