İstanbul Rivaya Transportation Lottery

Istanbul Rivaya Transportation Lottery: Istanbul Riva is the choice of both investors and those who want to live a natural life. 3. The region, which has a high value in projects such as the bridge and Kanal Riva, stands out with its large green areas. 2 annually increase the number of land and housing prices in Riva 35-40 increase experts, says the increase will continue.
The forest, where the forest, sea and stream meet, is increasing in value. The old town is now home to qualified housing ponies. In addition to blue and green, large infrastructure projects play an important role in the appreciation of the region. 3. bridge Marmara highway project, Kanal Riva, IMM Eco-Village project, TFF Training Facilities are effective in the rise of the region.
One of the factors that increase the popularity of the region is undoubtedly 3. Riva exit of the bridge. 3 was built by the team consisting of Turkish engineers, with high technology and high technology. The bridge, the 8 lane road and the 2 lane railway track will pass the same level. 3 will be among the few bridges in the world with the use of both aesthetic and latest technologies. The Bosphorus Bridge, with its 59 meter width, will be the world's longest, 1408-meter main span and the longest suspension bridge in the world. Another first bridge will be the suspension bridge with the highest tower in the world with its height exceeding 322 meters. 2015 in 3 targeted to be completed. The Bosphorus Bridge will be located in the Odayeri - Paşaköy section of the Northern Marmara Motorway project. The rail system on the bridge will carry passengers from Edirne to Izmit. Atatürk Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and the new 3 with rail system to be integrated with Marmaray and İstanbul Metro. the airport will also be connected. Riva, 3. 2 as well as the bridge. 18 bridge to the bridge is located in a location as close as it stands out.
One of the other large-scale projects to be built in the region is Kanal Riva. Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to make a new tourism center area similar to the canal cities in Europe and around Riva Stream and changing the face of the district. The project attracts the attention of investors for the purpose of mobilizing tourism in the region, supporting organic agriculture, sports, recreation and walking areas around the canal and tourism facilities and social reinforcement. Apart from this, an eco-village project is planned, which includes the Riva Facilities project of the Football Federation, which is an important step in the installation and the area of ​​Riva and Beylik Mandıra of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, covering an area of ​​approximately one thousand 979 hectares.
TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Expert Seda Guler, Riva for the increase in value, said: 2005-2006 in Riva 100-150 dollars in the years, 3-5 dollars, the last 150-200 200-400 per year was watching around. With the effect of the investments on the upper scale, the square meter values ​​rose to 35-2000 dollar levels. It is seen that in nearly two-three-year period, it has made a great acceleration and the land values ​​have increased by a percentage of 30. The proximity of the land values ​​in the region to the sea, proximity to projects such as hospitals, schools, close to the center on the street, zoning status, magnitude and landscape. ”Güler stated that the housing projects in the region started in 40, and that today buildings are still constructed in the concept of villa. . Experts said that housing prices have also increased by XNUMX-XNUMX as well as in the land.
Yücel Çelikbilek stated that the 84 of BEYKOZ is forest, and said olduğun We carry out afforestation activities with a special foundation. More than one million trees will be planted in the region. This summer we will plant 1 thousand saplings. Bu
Celaloğlu Family, which has the largest land share with a thousand acres of land on 5 in Riva, GS Sports Club with a thousand thousand acres of land, followed by Yapı Kredi Koray with a thousand acres of land with Pak Holding, 178 The building also has plots in the region.
Boat trips on the river

Saying that RIVA will be a residential area with a population of approximately 50 thousand, Mayor of Beykoz Yücel Çelikbilek said, sahip We are making the village plans again. There will not be a high building, very decent villa type will be a residential area. Riva will be an attractive center of accommodation in terms of tourism, sport and culture. Riv Channel Riva project that they continue to work for the Çelikbilek, Riva Deresi'nın said they did work on improvement. Saying that he planned a Riva Channel with a length of 15 kilometers long and 50 meters wide and 5 meters, Çelikbilek said metre The region will be the new center of attraction of Istanbul with the project that will be realized with international experience X. Çelikbilek said that they would work as a marina-style port within the canal and that they were working with a Dutch company. Indicating that they would like to make Riva and 8 village as a summer resort as it is on the Mediterranean coast, Çelikbilek said, bir It will be possible for ships of certain sizes on the river to visit. Two separate bridges over Riva will be renewed from the beginning and transportation will be easier Riv.
Çelikbilek, Beykoz's road network integrated with Riva, together with the Metropolitan Municipality on an area of ​​260 acres of a film plateau was established, he added. Riva, who also pointed out that sports, Çelikbilek said, öne The training areas of our national teams moved here. Not only the Turkish National Team, but also the national teams of many different countries will come and camp. Again on the side of Riva, the facilities of the Basketball Federation are being established this time Yine. At the entrance of Riva, Football Federation, a sports school, sport high school that has been opened, stating that the students, said the students began training this year.



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