The ropeway line comes to the bite at the Urban Forest

Cable car line comes to Isırlık Kent Ormanı location: Rize Mayor Prof. Dr. Work has begun on the Bite City Forest project, which is among Reşat Kasap's 'Ten Number' projects.

Held at Yusuf Karali Religious Education Center and AK Party Rize Deputy Hasan Karal, Rize Mayor Prof. Dr. Reşat Kasap, Rize Chamber of Industry and Commerce President Şaban Aziz Karamehmetoğlu, Rize Commodity Exchange President Mehmet Erdoğan, regional managers and representatives of various non-governmental organizations attended the meeting and the latest status of the projects were discussed.

It has been announced that the work on the urban forest and recreation area project, which is planned to be built in Rize's Isırlık location, has started. It was stated that the works to make the land suitable for the reinforcement of the field and the construction of the retaining walls are continuing.

With a bird's-eye view of Rize city center, the Isırlık site has features suitable for the construction of tourism-related activities with its natural structure. Within the project, it is planned to build a ropeway station, landscape coffee shop and walking paths with terraces.


Emphasizing that the Bite City Forest and Recreation Area Project is one of the projects they emphasize and care about most, Rize Mayor Prof. Dr. Reşat Kasap said, “The Bite City Forest and Recreation Area Project has now reached the point of implementation. We hear the complaints of some people in Rize that the Municipality and the relevant people do not follow the projects. As you can see, the work of one of our projects has been completed and the construction phase has started. With this work at the site of Isırlık, a place for our citizens living in Rize to breathe will be allocated. The relevant ministry has transferred resources to our project on stray animals. This project of ours will start soon ”.


Stating that they want to complete the ropeway project planned to be built in Dağbaşı location first, Mayor Kasap said, “We will complete the expropriation works in our ropeway project within the next couple of weeks. By completing our Dağbaşı cable car project, we are planning to build a cable car line from Dağbaşı to Isırlık location. "I wish our work to pass efficiently for all institutions and our citizens."


AK Party Deputy Rize Hasan Karal, the government's resources to offer the most accurate way to the service of citizens, the Bite Urban Forest and Recreation Area project is at the stage of realization, he said.

Karal, indicating that the start of the work was done, the necessary work on the field of construction machinery and the necessary funds for the project is transferred to the relevant institutions, he said.



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