IMM Companies attracted great attention at MUSIAD Fair

IMM Companies attracted great attention in the MUSIAD Fair: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and its companies attracted great attention at the 15th MUSIAD International Fair, which was opened by President Erdogan.
The 15th MUSIAD International Fair and the 18th International Business Forum (IBF) opened at the CNR Fair Center with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Companies with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality attracted great attention at MÜSİAD Fair. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who opened the fair, visited ULAŞIM AŞ's booth at İBB and started his works on a one hundred percent native tram that was started during his İBB presidency period.
Hundred percent domestic production on the orders of President Topbaş ...
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality engineers produced a hundred percent of the local tram and technology that attracted great interest in the fair, stating that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. General Manager Ömer Yıldız said, ında We started the development of the local tram in 1997 during the mayor's presidency and reduced our first model named RTE to the tracks in 1999. After 2004 3 has made a separate tram model. We have produced 2009 for our Sultançiftliği line in 18 by order of our President Kadir Topbaş. Three vehicles carry passengers and 18. the vehicle is about to run out. By the end of February, our entire 18 tram will start to serve on the rails of Istanbul. Şubat
Interest in the local tram used in Istanbul is increasing
Ömer Yıldız, who explained that the local tram could be adapted to the subway and aimed to start the use of domestic vehicles in Istanbul subways in the next 4 year, continued as follows; Uz We do the local trolley to improve our domestic industry. The 200 supplier of the 150 supplier is the domestic industrialist. Our local tram took a great deal of attention at the fair held in Germany a few months ago and was one of the most beautiful two tramways of the fair. Companies that sell us tram 'This tool is used in Istanbul' he is marketing the tools. We aim to start exporting in two years. When the local tram is used in Istanbul, we believe that domestic and foreign demand will be very big. Yer
ISBAK is number 1 in traffic technology ...
İSBAK General Manager Kasım Kutlu, one of the IMM Companies exhibiting the traffic technologies at the fair, said that their companies came to the forefront with technology and exported traffic technologies both in Turkey and abroad. This exhibit at the fair 'Adaptive Signal Systems is in the hands of the few companies in the world and pointed out that produced by JSC ISBAK Happy November of this technology in Turkey, said;
Olan Our second product that stands out at the fair is the local Traffic Radar, which is a very important technology in traffic control. We have exported 450 thousand dollars to America without putting this product into practice in Istanbul. Until today, ISBAK has developed many technological products related to intelligent transportation systems. These products are used in many cities in Turkey and abroad. With the orders of our President Kadir Topbaş, we produce all the works related to tire wheel transportation in Istanbul as İSBAK. In the following process, we will continue to produce technologies for the smart city concept, especially for Istanbul. IMM is ready to receive traffic control of Istanbul with these technologies. Bu
High technology products at MUSIAD Fair ...
The 15th MUSIAD International Fair also hosted the 18th International Business Forum (IBF), which will cover the theme of "Global Financial System Outlook and New Directions". The fair brought together 102 thousand businessmen from 7 countries, 250 thousand local visitors and one thousand booth exhibitors in 100 halls spread over an area of ​​8 thousand square meters.
MUSIAD located in High Technology Trade Fair (High Tech Port by MUSIAD), the world market for Turkey's technological products showcased by removing, technology giants, brought together project owners and investors.
Organized concurrently with the 18th International Business Forum (IBF) Congress, organized with the participation of Islamic world leaders and this year under the theme of "Paradigm Shift: New Financial Orientations", the MUSIAD International Fair is waiting for its visitors until 30 November.

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