Kocasinan will process Erciyes to Erkilet Junction

📩 24/12/2018 16:56

Kocasinan will process Erciyes to Erkilet Junction: Kocasinan Mayor Mustafa Çelik said that they will embroider Erciyes with flowers at the junction of clover leaves at the junction of the Northern Ring Road with Erkilet Junction.
Erkilette at the junction of the work carried out at the junction of the cloverleaf President Steel Steel Junction at the junction on the part of the winter despite the efforts of a great effort and devoted to the said, alar The North Ring Road's Erkilet Junction, our landscape work with our team of 64 continues at full speed. I hope we will finish the lawn germination work today. We also completed the plantation works of a quarter of the area described as clover leaves. Y
Mayor Çelik stated that they will embroider the silhouette of Erciyes Mountain with flowers on the grassed area and continued as follows: “We will embroider the logo of our Kocasinan Municipality with flowers in the middle of this area. On the opposite slope, we will embroider the silhouette of Mount Erciyes with honey flower plants. Thus, this area at the entrance of our city will be a showcase worthy of our city. I would like to thank the Park Bahçeler Manager and his team for their hard work. Despite the winter season, they work very meticulously in cold weather. "
Emphasizing that 600 trucks of soil were transported for the filling of only a quarter of the area of ​​the clover-leaf intersection, President Çelik said, “We have provided 3 thousand trucks of vegetative soil for the entire area. Again, as an infrastructure, we completed the automatic irrigation system by drilling water. With the spring months, all of our work will be finished. In addition to germination, afforestation works continue. High trees were also planted. Most of these trees were provided by transporting the trees removed from the medians during the multi-storey crossroad works to be carried out by our Metropolitan Municipality. These trees will no longer continue their lives at that crossroads, but at this crossroads, and they will grow in our showcase here. " he finished his words.

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