Crash in the crossing in India level

Level crossing accident in India: Five children died as a result of a collision between the school bus and the train carrying students at the level crossing in northern India.
Police officer Devendra Singh said early in the morning that the 13, including the driver of the train's conductor and service vehicle, was injured in an accident in the Mahaso level crossing in Uttar Pradesh province.
Singh, the region due to the dense fog due to the decrease in visibility due to the dense fog, he said.
He was not in charge at the leveling of Mahaso.
In India, where the state-owned rail network carries 11 million passengers with 23 trains per day, approximately 5 people died in accidents in the last 500 years. The majority of accidents occur at level crossings where authorities are not available, especially in rural areas. In July, 18 people, 19 of whom were students, died in an accident at a level crossing in Telangana state.

Günceleme: 01/12/2018 15:52

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