HGS Fattened Fines Truckers Will Cut The Road

HGS Fucks Fears Truckers will cut the road: HGS fines truckers revolted. Başiskele 4 TIR and Truck Motor Carriers Cooperative President İsmail Özkar announced that they will take the action to cut the road if the problem is not solved
In the last days of the year truckers rained HGS as rain. Truck drivers rebelled against the unjustified ones. Başiskele 4 TIR and Truck Motor Carriers Cooperative Chairman İsmail Özkar asked that the HGS penalties be written as soon as it was written incorrectly. Özkar stated that if the problem is not solved, the highway will shut down the motorway in Kocaeli.
Özkar said that 113 was a trucker, and that these were punished by 75. Ozkar, the sentences up to 20 thousand pounds and members of this money is not in a state to pay, he said. The Autonomy, sorun The Fast Pass System (HGS) has existed since 2012 but the problem has now appeared. The problem arose because the penalties were sent late. Cez
President Ismail Ozkar, HGS sent to everyone sentenced, voices criticized the heads of the room. Özkar said, “I am addressing the unions and co-operatives. Why are you silent? What is your interest? This punishment comes to everyone. Why are you not making a sound? Iy
Noting that the problem should be solved as soon as possible, Özkar said,, They make the trucker's job harder every day. Now the penalties can not sell because of the want to sell the tool. She can't get her physical exam. If our problem is not solved, we will close the road. Because we can't find any. We will close the highway and contact the Kocaeli Kocaeli. We are not in a position to pay these fines, Bizim he said.
The cooperative management, on the other hand, has decided to seek legal rights. Özkar said, eler We will discuss the matter with our cooperative's lawyer and object to these penalties imposed on our members unfairly. We have the right to appeal in 7 days to the penalties we received UM. Özkar said, e If this man has been punished, why don't you let him know this in a timely manner? A year ago, the fines that have been cut are now available. Bir
The truck drivers who spoke to our newspaper reacted to the notification of HGS sentences one year later. 41 KZ 967 license plate truck belonging to Kemal Sak, 2011 thousand 4 TL has been punished despite the fact that it has never been to the highway since the 500. The total penalty for 5 vehicle belonging to Sak is 27 thousand TL. A similar situation happened to Ergün Meydan. Ergun Meydan, 25 2013 truck sold on December. However, the faulty penalty cut to the vehicle he sells was communicated to him on 19. The square reacted to the situation.
Almost all truck drivers are suspended. Some 27 thousand TL, some 20 thousand TL, some have come 8 thousand TL penalty. 400 to 800 TL penalty, there are more chances than friends. Truck drivers said another problem related to the penalty was the right to appeal. Criminal notices sent to the drivers, the penalty at the time of the penalty, if there is an error by phone or e-mail application should be asked to correct the penalty is stated. Those who want to sue have to use this objection.
However, when the notification is made 1 years later, the right to appeal to the General Directorate of Highways is taken away from the truckers. Truckers are complaining that the Highways call center 444 1 117 is constantly busy. Hüseyin Öney, a trucker said, N I called 11-12 times and waited for 10-15 minutes. I always fell off the line. I couldn't get a job. I will tell who I am now. ”
Why are the drivers punished? A driver responds to this question: N Let's say I have an 100 TL on my HGS device and the 3,80 TL switch box. Because the system does not recognize my device, the 10 multiplier of the longest distance on the road plus the 10 multiplication of the transition is punishment. I have an 178 penalty. In this case, I'm going to switch over and over, the balance is reset and this is not notified. I use the highway and I think the penalties are growing exponentially. I'm aware of this one year after the punishment. Ğ Truck drivers, the Internet on the transportation forum, the response to a growing avalanches and everyone rebelled against this situation, stating that the problem wanted to be resolved.

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