'Signature day' for Haydarpasa Train Station (Video)

A 'signature day' was held for Haydarpaşa Train Station: BTS Education and Organization Secretary Author İshak Kocabıyık signed his book titled "Haydarpaşa Train Station in Time and Space".
The author, who wanted the station not to be closed and its content not changed, repeated his message with a signature event. İshak Kocabıyık, the author of the book titled “Haydarpaşa Train Station in Time and Space”, organized a signature day at Haydarpaşa Train Station. Kocabıyık, who aimed not to close the Haydarpaşa Train Station and to preserve its content in accordance with the original, came together with his fans again with the book he signed.
Ishak Kocabıyık, who gave information about the event, said, ark We made this study in 2005 with three friends, Mutlu Binark, Gani Çulha and I İshak Kocabıyık. Our aim was to close the Haydarpasa Train Station or change its function from then on. This work was done to object to this and to indicate that this was done wrong. The essence of our work to reveal the place of Haydarpaşa Train Station in the context of time and space ım.
Stating attention to the historical significance of the station, Kocabıyık said, “Haydarpaşa Train Station has a very important place both in our personal history and in the history of the country. We aimed to realize these in literature, art, cinema and poetry. We came here in 2005 and lay down in Haydarpaşa Train Station for three days. Our 24 hours passed here. Gani took pictures of our friend. Happy hocayla I did the history study and archive work. At first, we presented this work as a series to the public. Later in 2007 was published as a book. Today, Haydarpaşa is still losing its function. Therefore, we are here today to express our objection to the public and to share it with the public Dolayısıyla.
Kocabıyık, with the citizens whose book he signed later sohbet presented his book.



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